Farmers ask government to tame donkey theft in Western region

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Mt. Elgon farmers are calling upon government and related organizations to step up efforts to combat donkey theft as well as its welfare.

Speaking with The Times Newspaper, Nashon Kwalia from Chemses, a farmer who owns 5 donkeys has decried lack of specialized donkey medication citing lack of veterinarians with knowledge on donkey health.

“When my donkeys fall ill, it’s very difficult for me because the vets who visit neither have the knowledge on their health nor know the medication to administer to them,” Kwalia  lamented.

He further explained that the greatest challenge they face as donkey owners is lack of correct diagnosis for their beast of burden especially when the donkeys suffer from worms.

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Terra Kwemoi echoes his sentiments challenging the government to consider adding donkey health to veterinarians courses so that they can  tackle this issue.

“The vets only come with antibiotics and they don’t even know how to handle the donkey for injection, most of the time I’m forced to inject them myself,” Kwemoi explained.

On the other hand, Kwalia beseeched the government to enact laws that will punish donkey thieves since most of them go scot free.

“I lost 5 donkeys in 2009,reported the matter to the authorities but to date I haven’t gotten back any of my donkeys, I didn’t give up but even after buying others I live in great worry because theft is currently rampant in this region,” reiterated Kwalia.

Mt. Elgon being a highland area with rugged terrain dominated by hills and mountains, donkeys remain the best method of transport and income source majorly to aid the small scale farmers who rely on their services to improve their living standards.

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