Gov’t to pay Sh1.7bn to fisherfolk displaced by Lamu project

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The government is set to pay fisherfolk affected by Lamu port project, the Kenya Ports Authority  [KPA] has confirmed.   

A total of 4,734 fisherfolk will compensated due to construction of the facility in Lamu county.

The state corporation has organized a two-day training exercise for clerks who will be collecting, verifying and validating signatures and Bank accounts from displaced fisherfolk ahead of their compensation.

KPA board Chairman Hon. Benjamin Tayari has confirmed he will launch the exercise in the course of the week  with the clerks proceeding to the field from this weekend. 

He said the training facilitated by the authority aims to equip the clerks with the necessary skills to ensure a smooth compensation process.

“As a clerk it is your responsibility to always ensure that you have the validated list of the fishermen and the agreements for the area you have been allocated,” Tayari said.

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The KPA boss added during this exercise deliberate efforts would be made to ensure each individual fisherfolk is physically reached to append their signature on the agreement.

He  pointed out in cases where the fisherfolk is indisposed and is unable to physically come to the designated venue to sign the agreement, the appointed officials and clerks will make arrangements to reach the person physically for the signature.

The compensation committee Co-Chair, KPA’s Corporate Communication Manager Bernard Osero thanked the fishermen for their patience and urged the clerks to be thorough and accurate during the verification process. 

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