Rotary Club of Hurlingham Holds Free Medical Camp in Kikopey, Nakuru

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By Mourice Seretta

The Rotary Club of Hurlingham on Saturday, 25 March, 2023, held a free medical camp in Nakuru county, in conjunction with the County Government of Nakuru, at Kikopey Medical Centre.

The Camp saw more than 600 people get medical check ups and treatment for various diseases.

General disease screening was done on cancer, eye, dental check up, family planning, pregnancy testing, HIV testing amongst other many diseases. There was also on site treatment for those who were found ailing from various diseases.

Speaking exclusively to The Times, outgoing Rotary Club of Hurlingham President, Hilda Gikera, said the camp was a success not only due to the kind of support they had from partners but also the good turn out from the community.

A section of people who turned up for the Free Medical Camp at Kikopey on 25th March 2023. (Photo by Mourice Seretta).

‘We want this to be a continues exrcise. We are going to do follow ups after today. This is our hospital together with the County Government of Nakuru and we hold it dearly,’ Ms Gikera said.

She said they had seen the need to ensure that the Kikopey Dispensary is expanded and that they have plans to put up a Laboratory at the facility that will help in testing patients, remarks that were echoed by incoming President Mejumaa Mbaruku.

‘That is one area we have identified and moving forward, we need to expand towards that direction of putting up a lab here and as you have seen, this community needs it,’ she added.

Ms Gikera lauded partners who came on board to see to it that the camp was a success praying that going into the future, they will be coming on board to help in such a noble endevor.

‘I will say we are favored. This time we got so many partners, so many volunteers even the local leadership here. Gilgil MP Martha Wangare who flagged off this camp also gave us good support. I thank them so much and indeed they are the ones who have made this a success.’ The outgoing President said.

Patients waiting to be attended to at Kikopey Dispensary during the free medical camp on 25th March 2023. (Photo by Mourice Seretta).

The partners included but not least to Lions Eye Hospital, AAR, Texas Cancer Center, NHIF, OPTICA, NACADA, The Nairobi West Hospital, AA Kenya, Houghton Medical Centre and St John Ambulance.

Others were Aratus Health Limited, Biopharma Limited, Sphinx Phamaceuticals Limited, Merck, Teleflex Medical Technologies and Rangechem Pharceuticals Limited,

Speaking about her tenure as President of Rotary Club of Hurlinngham, Ms Gikera said it was very and that she had enjoyed it.

‘Leadership in Rotary is something we want to pass it to every other person. It has built as a person and has made me a better person in terms of managing people. The people I lead are CEOs in their companies and so managing them needs patience.’ Ms Gikera advised. She led the club for a year 22/23.

On her part, incoming President Ms Mejumaa Mbaruku also echoed Ms Gikera’s remarks. She said the Medical Camp was a huge success and attributed that to good weather and good organization. She was also very grateful to the partners who helped make the day a success.

She said that as Rotarians, they are very passionate in matters health hence the reason they took the camp to Kikopey where services at Kikopey Dispensary are free of charge no matter what one went there to seek for. She said the Laboratory that will be put up there will go along way in helping the community.

‘The Laboratory we will put up with the help of other partners will help us capture what exactly is ailing them here,’ she said.

Area MP Martha Wangare who flagged off the camp said it was a noble programme as health has been a problem in the area especially during the drought season which saw several diseases spring up.

She promised to continue supporting the Rotary Club of Hurlingham in their endevors of trying to reach out to many people in the community.

‘I know that water in this region has some flouride that is affecting you. We are working out to ensure that we have clean water in this area so as to help in mitigating such issues.’ The legislator opined.

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