Qatar Takes Charity Project to Kajiado

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By Maureen Murengeka

Partners and field officers as well, Focusing in the field of water supply sanitation, education economic
empowerment social production where they sponsoring other small initiatives, spreading its pillars in
other African countries Kenya being one of them.

The project has been of help to Kenyans from Kajiado North who have been beneficiaries of the projects.

Sadia S Adan, a mother of eight, says that she was not able to afford school fees , shelter and other basis needs for her children. But since 2018 Adam explained her relief after meeting Qatar charity who
provided shelter and other basis needs to her children .she also said that orphans are no longer

Lela Hassan, a beneficially of the project explained her relief after the Qatar charity built houses for the
orphans and widow women she said that she will now be at peace because her daughter will now live
under a shelter. Comparing former environment where Lela and other women were not able to afford
shelter and food, apart from shelter Lela and other women will also receive food and children fee will bepaid after every three months.

According to hon Gakuyo statement, he said that the project is quite a anoymass project it has created a big mail age to the community of Kenya just as the government is busy compaining for affordable
houses is to make sure that every single Kenyan has the law to live, adding on that Kenya need other
charities and donors of this kind to support, he concluded with saluting Qatar charity for the support
they have offered to residences in Kadiado North county.

Dr.John Mumanyi, works with the Qatar Charity confirms that the project come about with
implementation of education, social welfares and other infrusturcts including rehabilitation of
classrooms, social halls and health facilities.

He says that over, 10,000 orphans in Kenya to get education and shelter that is by visiting their homes
and registering them to their systems. The project in partnership with the county and National
government, is not only focusing on Kajiado but in all 47 counties but it has been narrowed down to
focus on counties with huge numbers of residences affected.

Hon.Taraiya ole kores advisor of the governor Kajiado county, said that the governor already had the
consent of the project .he said that the county government is looking for a point of convergence which
will help them put their interest together in supporting the Kajiado community.

Abdi Hassan project chairman of the community, tells that the community had faced a lot of challenges
before Qatar charity community offered a land of 6 haters in which two and a half were used to build
26houses, 14 of the houses were occupied by the orphans and the rest by widow mothers together with their children. The project has also spread its wings by funding the youth and widow mothers with ideas of creating job opportunities by supporting them in their integrated bakery oven done locally which will help them in survival.

Qatar charity is an international NGO working more than 50 countries globally, both directly though.

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