Bungoma Women Groups To Receive Hundreds of Dairy Cows from County Government

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By Isabella Maua

Bungoma County Women’s Groups are set to benefit from the second cohort of dairy cows courtesy of the County Governor Kenneth Lusaka.

The County boss has emphasized on the need for residents to invest in dairy farming saying that Bungoma has the potential to be a major milk supplier regionally.

“In my first tenure I embarked on dairy farming project and bought 450 dairy cows that were distributed across 45 wards as a grant, we want to revive it in a more magnificent way and it is factored in our budget,” he mentioned.

“I’m glad that the progress and the impact of the flagship project is being felt, let’s all embrace this lucrative type of farming,” he advised.

Lusaka also assured residents that his regime will ensure fulfilment of all his campaign pledges regardless of the challenges.

He also announced that the lighting project currently  undertaken by the Department of Trade  will see all major markets  across the county lit to ensure 24 hour economy system.

The principal expressed his commitment on roads and infrastructure, expressing optimism in the completion of the 45-kilometer Misikhu-Brigadier road that remains a hindrance for residents.

He on the other hand urged the opposition to accord his administration and President Ruto ample time to actualize their manifesto and revive the country’s ailing economy.

“Even as you oversight do it with decorum, campaigns are behind us and you should allow us deliver on our pledges,” he cautioned.

Lusaka conclusively lauded cordial working relationship between the Executive and County Assembly noting that it will foster development.

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