Noordin Haji launches All for Justice Phase 2 program

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The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) has today launched a digital platform dubbed All for Justice Phase 2 program for Kenyans to raise complaints and request case reviews online.

The Malalamishi System, will allow members of the public to present a complaint of criminal nature with the ODPP and also report through complaints module anonymously.

Speaking during the launch of the all for justice phase 2 project at the Nairobi Remand, Industrial Area, Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji said this will give room for whistleblowers and make it easy to track the status of a complaint since a reference number is allocated.

“The case review module enables members of the public to request a review of their cases by the ODPP. Requests are assigned reference numbers to ease tracking of progress,” Haji said.

Overall, the Malalamishi System is set to help the ODPP in providing seamless access by members of the public all day and night, as well as quickly searching for complaints and case reviews.

At the same time, the ODPP launched the All for Justice program, which seeks to decongest prisons and reduce case backlog in court countrywide.

The All for Justice Phase I project began in 2018 to interrogate the reasons for the delay in the disposal of criminal cases, which led to overcrowding in prisons.

“This Phase was impactful as it hastened the expedition of cases, reduced case backlog and reduced the number of remandees from 46% of the prison population to 41%,” the DPP said.

DPP Haji said the second phase will also ensure that the prosecution service is more responsive to the needs of the mwananchi, giving a second chance to remandees to reform and be reintegrated back to society.

“Through the application of plea bargaining and diversion policies, the project will help save money that would have been used by all concerned parties if a case went to full trial. It will also save money for the government that would have been used to feed many remandees,” the DPP said.

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