Bungoma KNUT Executives Call for 60% Salary Increase, Repel 3% Levy Deduction

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By Isabella Maua

Bungoma KNUT executives have called upon government to ensure teachers get 60% pay increase before imposition of the 3% housing levy tax.

Speaking on Thursday during a KNUT BEC training in Webuye, Moses Masika, KNUT County Treasurer called upon legislators to  shoot down the Finance Bill 2023 because it’ll impact negatively to Kenyans.

“Teachers are not opposed to the 3% housing levy but it’s only  logical that our salaries are increased before the money is deducted, the teachers are already overwhelmed as is,” reiterated Masika.

The teachers also condemned Kenya Women Teachers Association (KEWOTA) for forceful membership of its members and overtaxing teachers.

“KEWOTA should match out of this training since they weren’t invited; infact they’re committing illegality and robbery against our female counterparts,” lamented one of the irate teachers.

The executives also called upon politicians from the region to keep off education matters saying it negatively interferes with the area’s general examination’s performance.

“Politicizing the education sector is utterly indictable; recently Kimilili MP stormed a school and harassed a teacher, an action that was uncalled for,” cited one of the executives.

The KNUT executives further added that the MP (Didimus Baraza) should make a public apology regarding the blatant act or face mass action from teachers.

Bungoma County on the other hand, under Chief Officer Nicholas Kiboi promised it’s undeniable support for teachers in the quest to achieve its manifesto of ensuring every child gets quality education from childhood.

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