Civil Society Defends Haji on Incompetency Claims

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Members of The Consortium of Grassroots Civil Society Organizations have expressed their solidarity with the outgoing Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji  who was recently appointed by the president to head the National Intelligence Services.

The lobby faulted those dismissing the appointment of Noordin Haji on ‘baseless’ grounds saying they don’t understand the nature of operations at the law courts.

“We as members of the grassroots communities, we understand the sensitivity and importance of the national security and we wouldn’t like to play politics or take publicity stunts around such a delicate matter but we are forced to respond and object when we see a section of the mainstream civil society play the ignorance card.”

Whereas many are struggling to taint the spackling reputation of Noordin Haji that he has built over a period time dedicating his life to civil service and the general public, it must be noted that Noordin Haji has been the most outstanding Director of public prosecution Kenya has ever had ever since the promulgation of the new constitution.

Ever since his appointment as the DPP, we’ve seen tremendous changes in court operations, many cases that were stagnated and frustrated for ages, got a new life as they came to conclusion.

Acting as the DPP, the former backward culture of lost files was brought to and halt by Haji’s personal intervention.

It’s shocking to learn that a section of the civil society have easily forgotten the journey that the Haji walked with them to ensure Police Reforms and defending the gains.

Under Haji as DPP, the civil society under a program dubbed the missing voices, organized several series of community dialogues in Kayole, Aga Khan Walk, within the CBD Nairobi, Isiolo, Wajir, Mombasa and invited the DPP who has been faithfully attending these meetings and taking cases from the public directly with most of the against powerful police officers that would have never seen the light were it not for Noordin Haji.

Powerful police officers have been brought books and are now serving time. Case on point being, the former Ruaraka OCS, the infamous three police officers who murdered lawyer Willy Kimani and several Killer cops currently interdicted like the former Pangani OCS. Mr. Yakub.

Arbitrary arrest under Noordin haji has been a thing of the past. Mr. haji decriminalized touting and legal assembly that was violating the rights of many youths and civil society actors.

The allegations brought against the DPP concerning the withdrawal of corruption cases are responsibilities of the DCI and the EACC to investigate and provide water tight evidences top stand trial and not to be used for political witch-hunt as the former regime did with many state actors.

We further note that there has been a new trend of attacking the security agencies in the country. The military head, the CS Interior, the CAS for Interior, the Inspector General and several junior police officers have been on constant attack and we are worried that there is a motive by foreign powers behind these sponsored attacks trying to discredit and destabilizes our security.

We therefore demand that the relevant vetting agencies to dismiss the baseless petitions and the petitioners and protect the sovereignty of our country.

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