Africa’s VumiStream Looking to Rival Netflix and Showmax

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Africa’s first live streaming social media platform VumiStream has entered the market after a successful launch that will enable content creators enjoy streaming as they also earn from the content. provides tools for creators to earn via subscriptions, tools ,live e-commerce, webinars amongst others which comes with a very simple interface which anyone can understand easily.

Wilfred Kinyanjui who is the CEO VumiCentral said that they wish to empower content creators and this particular platform has been designed to fit the needs of a common content creator.

“we believe this platform will revolutionize content creation in Africa.our mission is to empower African content creators to reach a global audience” he said

According to Statista ,Africa’s live-streaming sector is projected to be worth $124.49 million by 2023 which is a huge milestone that will leverage the rise of mobile money and tech-savy Africans who will offer new ways of making a living.

The platform also provides localized monetization tools tailored to the African content creators market including simple mobile money payment options like MPESA.

Headquartered in the UK ,Vumistream is currently available in 10 African countries but plans to expand to other countries by 2024.

Content creators across Africa can request for early access on to start live streaming and earning money from their content.

Viewers will be able to follow their favorite creators, engage with their streams, tip them, subscribe to their channels, and buy products promoted during livestreams.

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“Vumistream uses technology and human creativity to unlock new doors of
opportunity for people in Africa,” says CEO Wilfred Kinyanjui who is also a founder of Africa Digital Media Institute – ADMI.

The company says it is looking to provide a platform for people to express themselves, build communities, and earn an income in an enjoyable, engaging way.

“Our goal is to empower African content creators by providing the means and chances to earn a living from their enthusiasm for making and distributing content online. We anticipate seeing novel kinds of content, interactions, and business models arising from Vumistream as we keep developing
features that satisfy the requirements of our rapidly expanding community of creators
and viewers throughout Africa”.

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