KPA Acquires Five New Mobile Cranes

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Kenya Ports  Authority ( KPA ) is expected to receive five new habour mobile cranes to enhance operations both at the port of Mombasa and Lamu port.

KPA Managing Director Capt William Ruto said the equipment is expected in the country.     

In press a statement, he disclosed that three out of  the five cranes will be deployed at the port of Lamu.

“The two cranes will be deployed along the port of Mombasa to enhance operations,” he disclosed.

Capt Ruto announced the state corporation expected additional four Ship to Shore Gantry cranes by end of next month.

In his press statement released to the media he said the newly acquired equipment will replace the old ones that are being scrapped.

“The four gantries are more robust and powerful with capacity to lift two containers at once as opposed to the old single lift cranes,” he pointed out.

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The KPA MD defended the arrival of the four new Ship to Shore Gantry Cranes saying it will ensure the port of Mombasa has more reliable equipment to enhance ship operations and further reduce ship turnaround time.

According to KPA General Manager Cargo Operations Dr. Sudi Mwasinago the deployment of the new yard equipment has tremendously improved ship operations at the container terminals.

He disclosed the authority had acquired a total of 12 Reach Stackers and nine empty container handlers in December 2022 and were commissioned to operate early this year.

“This is intended to boost the yard and ship operations,” he pointed out.

The KPA officer said the completion of the second phase of the second container terminal has also increased Mombasa port capacity by an additional 450,000TEUs.

He added this gives room for better ship and yard planning to enhance efficiency.

The port of Mombasa currently has a capacity to handle 2.1 million TEUs and so far it has been able to handle slightly less than 1.5 million TEUs annually.

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