Dignifying The Nature Calls For PwDs

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Persons living with disabilities, especially physical disabilities, often have a difficult time carrying out their day to day activities due to their physical limitations but also because of the limitations born by the environment.

Cognizant of this fact, a young and intelligent innovator, has thought about a very critical aspect in the lives of the PwDs which is most often overlooking if not ignored – answering a call of nature.

Sylvia Nyaga of Syna understands very well the discomfort that many PwDs have to live with whenever they feel like using the washroom.

Most of the public restrooms lack the customized facilities that fit and are tailored for PwDs.

“It’s a common practice when you come across a PWD and they decline your kind gesture of a meal or a cup of tea. Most of us assume that they are fine but they usually fear the discomfort they will face when relieving themselves,” said Sylvia.

This is why as Syna we have designed a user-friendly and portable toilet for use at the convenience of our differently abled colleagues.

Sylvia Nyaga, a young innovator

The toilet is designed in a very easy to use interface whilst at the same time dignifying the natural process for the PwDs.

The toilet has a biodigester Laden with enzymes that eliminate any possible odour thus making it very hygienic and user friendly even to the caregiver.

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