Netizens Flock Social Media Celebrating Philanthropist Kevin Otiende as he Turns a Year Older

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A Kenyan tycoon and youthful boss has been praised by netizens on social media for his kind acts on humanity as he celebrated his birthday on June 3, 2023.

Kevin Otiende has been featured on various publications for his achievements in the corporate world and the many occasions he has been serving humanity.

On his social media pages, Kevin wrote: ” “I’m officially a year older today, and if you come close to my head you will see approximately 363 strands of what was previously very black hair turned grey. The counting was done by my six-year old daughter and I have no reason to doubt her as I did not have the aerial advantage she had. Whenever I go to the barber shop every week for a cut I see so many men next to me dying their hair black and I hope I will resist the temptation as long as nobody calls me ‘Mzee’. The thing growing older is you become content, find your purpose and achieve so much clarity of thought. You also are not bothered showing up to a meeting wearing a t-shirt where everybody else is wearing a suit and a tie. It only comes with age. Age brings you the ‘Take me as I am’ mentality.”

Reacting on his post, one of his fans namely Patrick Kimani replied saying, “….you have been (and still is) a great inspiration to me Sir. Your dedication to your work, serving humanity and restoring human dignity is admirable. Your love and care for your daughter inspires the future dad in me.”

Philanthropist Otiende thanked his followers for the birthday wishes and pledged to make impact wherever and whenever Kenya changes.

Kevin was also joyous for receiving a surprise artwork of himself and his daughter, a 99.9% of their true selves.

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