Kooli Orders Criminals To Surrender or Call For Operations Crack Down In Bungoma

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By Isabella Maua

Residents of Mt. Elgon in Bungoma County have been asked to forward names of killers who have recently been threatening and taking people’s lives.

Speaking with residents at Chepkitale, Bungoma County Police Commander Francis Kooli has given stern warning to illegal firearm owners calling upon them to surrender as soon as possible or face the full force of law.

“We’ve lost the lives of innocent citizens to the ruthless hands of a self proclaimed kingpin whose habitat is deep inside the forest, I know you and this is the last warning that you should come out and own up to your actions or an operation be ordered against you,” warned Kooli.

The County Commander also vowed to maintain law and order in the region reiterating that his commitment to keep Mt. Elgon safe from criminal activities is devoured and the residents can rest assured that the security forces are working tirelessly to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

After an open baraza with the area residents who requested for a police post to counter the soaring criminal activities, Kooli  promised to do so on condition that the community provided suitable accommodations for the officers.

“We are ready to deploy our officers to Chepkitale but we need to have a base where they can stay and operate from ;I urge local leaders to identify some houses that can be used for this purpose; we want to work closely with the community to ensure their safety and wellbeing,” affirmed Kooli.

However, Mr. Kooli also warned Mt. Elgon locals, insisting that if the criminal groups do not surrender their firearms to the security team, he would take appropriate action to eliminate criminal gangs in the area.

During his visit to Chepkitale, Mr. Kooli was accompanied by 120 police officers drawn from Bungoma County, who were dressed in full operational regalia.  This was possibly meant to assure the residents of the security available.

The visit comes amidst the gruesome murder of Bishop David Ngeywo, who was shot dead by unknown assailants at Kaptama market a month ago.

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