Sultan Ahmed Call Upon Sudan To End War

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By Isabella Maua

Sultan Ahmed Dinar Sultan of Darfur has on Thursday issued a statement to the public warning of the danger of igniting war in the Darfur region.

In a press statement Sultan emphasized on upholding the interest of the country, ending war and avoiding its devastating effects.

“In the name of Allah the most Merciful and compassionate hold fast to the rope of God all together and do not separate ;remember the blessings of God upon you when you were enemies, so he formed between your hearts, so you became brothers with His grace,” quoted Sultan.

He further beseeched the leadership, armed forces and the rapid support of Darfur region to end the infighting operations that has affected all Sudan and Darfur displacing, injuring and killing  thousands.

“In this sense and in a purely national spirit, I appeal to the leadership of the armed forces and the Rapid Support Forces to put weapons aside and immediately go to the platforms of dialogue to address differences,” advised Sultan.

He also challenged his counterparts citing their inability to recognize and admit making avoidable mistakes against their homeland and especially to the future generation.

“Instead of giving them an advanced prosperous homeland, we have left them wounds, blood and tears, so this war must stop now l encourage efforts to stop it and not allow it to expand,” he lamented.

“Our people in Darfur have faced difficulties and lived for many years under the damn war and do not want to return to that dark chapter of their lives, and we are confident that our country and the Darfur region in particular will overcome the war station,” said the principal.

Sultan on the other hand gave a ray of hope to the Sudanese advising them to adopt dialogue on the basis of equality and justice ensuring their political and economic imbalances are not cause for recurrent war.

“We also reiterate our call to the private administrations in Sudan and Darfur in particular to avoid tribal and ethnic alignment, division of society and the fight and calls for sedition aimed at expanding the war,” he cautioned.

Sultan also reiterated his wishes for urgent recovery to the wounded and solidarity with the families of the deceased.

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