Mombasa County Challenged to Build Dam to Tap Rain Water       

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The Mombasa County government has been asked to construct dams for storage of rain water.   

Kenya Red Cross (KRC) coast region manager Hassan Musa has sent a passionate appeal to six county governments to make maximum use of the rains through storage of water.

He defended his appeal saying the water will be used when the rainy season ends.

“Let’s make use of the rains which have pounded the region through storage of water for future use,” he pointed out.

Musa added it’s important to store the water from the rains instead of shedding crocodile tears when the rains disappear.

He was speaking during a bonding session with journalists from over 10 media houses held at the KRC Mombasa offices in Mombasa county.   

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The KRC coast region manager disclosed that they are working closely with stakeholders to embark on the distribution of seeds to some county governments.

Musa said the priority is given to county governments which have given farmers first priority.

He pointed out the current rains in the coast region have not caused havoc.

“The rains currently experienced in the coast region have not caused havoc compared to previous years,” he added.

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The KRC coast region boss said the current rains are beneficial to local residents compared to last year.

Musa added the rains being currently experienced have made farmers enjoy the harvest season.

He announced the organization has come up with an innovation program for the youth.

“The idea is to prevent youths from engaging in immoral activities and drug abuse,” he explained  

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