Nairobi County Host Spectacular Street Football and Boxing Extravaganza

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In an effort to promote sports and provide opportunities for the youth, the Nairobi City County government is set to host a thrilling sporting extravaganza along City Hall Way road in the heart of Nairobi’s Business District on Saturday, 10th June.

The event will kick off with an exhilarating Nairobi City Street Football tournament, commencing at 8:00 AM and continuing throughout the day until dusk.

A total of 18 teams representing each constituency in the county will compete in this highly anticipated tournament.

Organized by the county government under the guidance of Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja, the tournament aims to showcase the immense talent and passion for football among the residents.

The winners of the street football tournament will be rewarded with a grand cash prize of Ksh. 50,000, while the runners-up will receive Ksh. 30,000. Additionally, the third-place finisher will be awarded a cash prize of Ksh. 20,000.

Trophies will be presented to all the podium finishers, ensuring recognition and celebration of their remarkable achievements.

As the sun sets, the focus will shift to an electrifying boxing spectacle. From 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, boxing enthusiasts will have the opportunity to witness intense bouts that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

The highlight of the evening will be the World Boxing Foundation super lightweight Women’s title fight between Kenya’s very own Sarah Achieng and the formidable Edith Solidad from Argentina.

This highly anticipated matchup promises to be a thrilling contest, captivating the audience with skill, determination, and a quest for glory.

Adding to the excitement of the evening, attendees will also have the privilege of watching the live UEFA Champions League match between England’s powerhouse, Manchester City, and the illustrious Italian giants, Inter Milan.

The match is scheduled to kick off at 10:00 PM, ensuring a perfect ending to a day filled with sporting excellence.

Brian Mulama, the Nairobi County Executive Committee member (CEC) for Talent, Skills Development, and Care, has urged Nairobi residents to seize this opportunity to support and encourage local sports.

He emphasized the county government’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing avenues for young athletes to explore their potential in various sports disciplines.

Mulama highlighted the collaboration between the county government and the Kenya Professional Boxing Commission, emphasizing their shared goal of developing the sports sector.

The partnership has allowed for the staging of a professional boxing bout, further raising the profile of this extravagant event.

“Lazima IWork Nairobi na Governor Johnson Sakaja. Let us meet at Charter Hall on Saturday, 10th June for World Boxing, Street football, and the Champions League Final watching,” Mulama expressed his enthusiasm, rallying the public to come together and be part of this momentous occasion.

He concluded by extending his best wishes to Kenya’s Sarah Achieng in her upcoming battle against Argentina’s Edith Solidad, expressing optimism that the World Boxing Foundation super lightweight title would remain in the hands of the talented Kenyan athlete.

Nairobi County has a rich history of supporting and hosting remarkable football and boxing events, and this grand sporting extravaganza further solidifies its commitment to nurturing sports talent and promoting a culture of sportsmanship and achievement.

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