Government determined to empower youths- Hassan Omari

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Hassan Omari has said the government is determined to change politics from that of the narrative age bracket between the youths and old guards in the country.

The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) Member of Parliament (MP) said Kenya Kwanza administration has come up with a youths empowerment initiative through its campaign pledges.

He urged youths to be campaigners for themselves rather than campaigners for the politicians.

“Stop being used to be political campaigners for individuals and instead campaign for economic empowerment,” said Hassan Omari.

Sarai challenged youths to make use of their opportunity to economically empower themselves rather than being campaign managers of politicians.

Youth Economic Empowerment

He was speaking during the launch of economic empowerment for Amplified youth group organized by United Democratic Alliance [UDA] party Mombasa chapter held at Young Men’s Christian Association [YMCA] center in Mvita constituency, Mombasa County.

The EALA MP defended his move saying it is within the government strategy and among the campaign pledges.

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Sarai who is UDA National Vice Chairman assured county youths that despite not being the Mombasa governor he will ensure youths achieve what he had promised through his campaign pledges. 

He assured them he will ensure youths succeed through the government initiative in his gubernatorial manifesto despite losing his bid to incumbent Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir.

“We formed the government and I am inside to ensure my campaign manifesto to youths is implemented,” he  pointed out.

The UDA National Vice  Chairman reminded the forum that to be a youth is a passing cloud arguing that ageing is not illness but a reality that one must face.

Sarai asked them to use their status for economic empowerment and to assist the generation to come.

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