Elected Leaders Challenged To Focus On Development As 2027 Politics Take Centre Stage

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By Isabella Maua

Bungoma Deputy Governor Janepher Mbatiany has hinted that she might be in the parliamentary race for the Mt. Elgon constituency come 2027.

Speaking during a function at Chemweisus, Mt. Elgon, the deputy county boss said that despite the fact that she has not expressed any interest in 2027 politics, there has been pressure from people that she ventures into the tight upcoming race.

“I’ve so far not declared my interest in vying for an MP seat in 2027 but many people have approached me and advised that I take the bull by the horns. I’ll heed the voice of the people when the time comes, but for now I’m focused and dedicated to delivering our manifesto under Governor Lusaka,” affirmed Mbatiany.

She, however, cautioned her would-be competitors, John Shikuku and Allan Chemayiek who have already declared their interests, telling them that it will definitely not be a walk in the park to contend with her portfolio.

Mr. Shikuku who’s a businessperson -cum- politician and great activist for the ‘Mt.Elgon County’ agenda, seized the opportunity to emphasize the need for division of the constituency into 2 or more.

“I’ll not tire beseeching our dear president Ruto to consider the marginalized Mt. Elgon community who’ve firmly and with loyalty stood by him in his bid for presidency; we direly need our own county,” Shikuku stated.

He further lamented, citing that the county agenda is long overdue and deceitful politics are no longer condoned in the region.

“Our people should cease falling prey to Kimilili MP Didimus Baraza who has mastered the art of  opportunism, if he’s really supportive of our agenda he wouldn’t have started campaigning towards 2027 gubernatorial seat around Mt. Elgon region, ” he reiterated.

The principal further assured the area residents that if Mt. Elgon will be non existent come 2027, the constituency will have to be funded directly from national government because they’ll by no means be part of the current Bungoma County.

“We’re forging for signatures to ensure our cry is  for once heard and acted upon because many a times, matters touching on  Sabaots are often dismissed and obliterated,” reiterated Shikuku.

Allan Chemayiek, who was an MP aspirant in 2022  declared his support to the current MNA Fred Kapondi and challenged him to ensure equitably fair development in the entire constituency.

“It’s obligatory to support the government of the day but also honourable for the elected leaders to uphold their pledges to the people whether they voted for or against them because politics are behind us and the eyes are on development,”  Chemayiek.

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