Hon Wainaina’s Views on National Budget

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Nominated Member of Parliament from Uasin Gishu in Rift Valley the Honorable. Joseph Wainaina has shared with us his insights on the national budget.

Hon Wainaina notes,

“This budget is among the most ambitious in spite of the opposition showing open defiance to it.

We are hopeful that in the coming two years the fruits of this Budger will be evident for all to see. I would like to urge those from Opposition to wait and see the success of this government.

His Excellency The President Dr William Ruto means well for this country and I would like to tell Kenyans that it’s our collective effort that will make us to succeed.

I’m thereby urging us to support the finance bill. This government has a great vision and the budget is among the most progressive.

Hon Wainaina reiterated that even the developed countries including superpowers are where they are due to their dedication to paying taxes.

“I’ve personally visited many countries. Recently I was in Rwanda, I’ve also travelled to Mauritius and I sought to compare price of Fuel and I concluded we are much better off. So let’s support our government by paying taxes for us to see the progress we want.”

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