EARB Seeking to Regulate Estate Sector

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By. Maureen Murengeka

The Estate Agents Registration Board EARB, have raised concerns over the profession of new associations seeking to regulate the real estate sector.

addressing the press Chairperson of EARB Eunice Macharia said,” Our mandate is to register estate agents and ensure the practice of estate agency is of high standards in order to protect the public.”

The board thus constitutes one of the key semi-Autonomous Government Agency (SAGA) under the ministry of lands, public works, housing and urban development.

EARB is therefore the sole statutory body mandated under Kenya law to oversee and regulate the real estate sector.

“We express our concerns over proliferation of new associations. Most of these mutations of land buying companies that have previously swindled Kenyan citizen through pretenses that they are in a position to sell them land. We want to warn Kenyans over these groupings that have no mandate to register estate agents the associations are not registered or regulated by the government and any persons associating with them may be exposed to fraud” Eunice said.

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The board has tried reaching out to some of these groups which has been fruitless, largely attributing to the amorphous nature

“We therefore need another body purporting to do the same for that would amount to double legislation jeopardizing the registered estate agents.

they should engage with the board for advice on the registration process details which are on EARBs website or through secretariats.

we warn the members of the public against being misguided by unscrupulous land buying companies.”she said

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