AA Kenya, AMREF Flying Doctors Partner to Save Motorist Lives

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AA Kenya has partnered with AMREF Flying Doctors to offer Maisha Membership, an air and ground ambulance scheme for its members.

The partnership is aimed at safeguarding motorists and their families in the event of road accidents. This reduces further injuries or fatalities recorded during accident evacuations. 

Data from AA Kenya shows that over 50 per cent of fatalities from road accidents are as a result of inadequate medical skills among the first responders.

Speaking at the partnership launch, AMREF Flying Doctors Medical Director Dr Joseph Lelo expressed his utmost appreciation for the collaboration, emphasizing its significance.

“The partnership between AMREF Flying Doctors and AA Kenya is a commendable initiative, as it allows us to extend our services to their esteemed members, enabling them to avail themselves of life-saving medical evacuation services and prompt emergency roadside rescue. We are thrilled to offer these critical services at a significantly reduced membership cost, starting as low as Kes 2500 per year. This partnership directly addresses the needs of individuals who prioritize the peace of mind that comes with reliable medical assistance in times of a crisis.”

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Under this partnership, AA Kenya Premier and Prestige members will get free ground and air evacuation services. Additionally, other AA members will get access to the same services at a discounted fee of Kshs. 2,500 per annum for unlimited air and ground ambulance services in case of medical emergencies.

This partnership is an integral part of AA Kenya’s commitment to road safety and prioritizing the well-being of its members and their loved ones in the event of unforeseen accidents or emergencies.

In his remarks, AA Kenya CEO, Mr Francis Theuri emphasized the importance of preparedness and swift response in the event of road accidents.

Elimination of Intermediaries

“This partnership means that we are putting lives first before anything else. Therefore, as we are taking care of the vehicles, AMREF will be taking care of the lives” said Theuri.

Through this service, AA Kenya members will have direct access to AMREF Flying Doctors’ 24-hour control centre, staffed by qualified medical practitioners who can offer invaluable medical advice.

The partnership eliminates the need for third-party intermediaries, allowing members to access air ambulance services directly.

Besides, this marks a significant milestone in enhancing the safety and well-being of AA Kenya members. These two organizations are poised to positively impact emergency response and save lives across Kenya by joining forces.

AA Kenya and AMREF Flying Doctors have been in existence for 104 and 60 years respectively. 

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