Lawyers, Medical Experts Want the State to Acknowledge Catherine Nyongesa’s Exemplary work in Cancer Mitigation Efforts

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After being a front runner in issues to do with Cancer treatment and mitigation efforts, a section of Kenyans now wants the state to acknowledge her job and motivate her works.

Those who spoke to the Kenyamiror, a fast growing online media platform said that Dr.Catherine Nyongesa has done a lot in the war against disease and believed that when given an opportunity she may even do much better.

” Dr.Catherine Nyongesa’s Simplicity and selfless effort in the war against Cancer is fantastic, if given an opportunity and support she has a strong ability of fighting this stressful disease to the later end” Said Linet Rono Koech, an advocate of the high court.

She said that being the Co-Founder of the Texas Cancer Centre, Nyongesa has done enough to bring hope and life back to several cancer patients.

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Another Kenyan, Jeremiah Wekesa , an Electrical Engineer said that alot needs to be done to eradicate the disease.

Wekesa urged President William Ruto to consider giving Dr.Catherine Nyongesa enough support for her to reach to the larger population.

” She has done alot so far, it’s now upon our beloved President to give her enough suport that will help her use her skills to save lives,” he said.

Dr.Nyongesa is the first Kenya’s first female oncologist and Cancer specialist .

In recent days as captures in the local daily, she has called on Kenyans to embrace screening among other measures of fighting the disease.

While speaking exclusively to the the Star on why she decided to be a cancer expert, Nyongesa said inadequate oncologists fueled her passion to choose a career in the field.

She learnt of the inadequacy when her sister was battling the disease.

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