We Can’t Have Safari Rally In Naivasha Bila Sherehe -Ababu Namwaba

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At the official WRC Safari Rally flag off, cabinet secretary for youth affairs, sports and arts CS assured Kenyans that there will be Sherehe in Vasha.

Netizens had raised concern on various social media post, as to the state of this year’s after party, since no news has been forthcoming. 

Dubbed Hustla Village; the official party for the WRC will be held at Buffalo Mall and with an exhibition area where innovative youth enterprise will get a chance to display their startups.

The three-day festival will feature a mix of established and upcoming artistes in an effort promote new talent. 

“Sherehe is part of the rally culture, you can’t go to Vasha without Sherehe, Ababu Namwaba said We are calling it spoti, biz na Sherehe where we are providing opportunities for our youth enterprise.”

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With the world’s attention focused on Kenya as the competition takes off, Kenyan youth are staking their claim on the WRC Safari Rally.

Speaking to the media during the flag off founders of youth enterprise called upon stakeholders to stop sidelining them when opportunities for growth arise. 

“Last year we funded ourselves and provided coverage for the WRC Rally, but this year through Talanta Hela we have gotten an opportunity to actually make money,” Founder of Live Wire Mashariki said Eugene Patrick. “ As young people we don’t want handouts, we just want an opportunity to earn an honest living, its been extremely frustrating to try and get help from stakeholders but at least now there’s hope.”

On top of providing photo and video coverage for the WRC Safari Rally, Live Wire Mashariki shall set up an E-sport arena at the Hustla Village for fans to virtually drive the race track.

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