Police Criticized for Thwarting Anti-government Demos

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Police in Mombasa have come under heavy criticism for lobbing teargas canisters to disperse peaceful antigovernment demonstrators along the central business district.

Six legislators from the coast region had no kind words for the police officers who dispersing an antigovernment procession at the port city.

They lashed out at the police officers for lacking respect for them despite their efforts to cater for their own interests and welfare at the floor of the national assembly.

Led by outspoken Likoni lawmaker Mishi Mboko they lauded the civil society for coming out to lead the protest against the controversial 2023 Finance Bill.

She pointed out that the legislation is meant to undermine Kenyans through hiking the cost of living.

“The government’s move to increase VAT from 8 per cent to 16 per cent is not good for the ordinary citizens,” she added.

She was addressing the media at Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) offices outside the Mombasa law courts in Mombasa county.  

The local legislator told the media briefing that the bill also affects police officers who used taxpayer’s facilities to lob teargas canisters to disperse them.

Mishi rubbished the government’s housing levy saying it is another scam with an ill motive against the public.     

Jomvu MP Bady Twalib displayed one of the teargas canisters during the media briefing saying he had no regrets in taking part in the antigovernment protest.

He insisted he has no apologies to make to the Kenya Kwanza administration for taking part in the antigovernment protest over the high cost of living.      

“If, as elect leaders, we are being mishandled and forced to engage in running battles with the police what would happen to ordinary Kenyans in the streets?” he posed.

The local lawmaker told journalists he is confident that the police officers who lobbed teargas canisters at them are suffering like other Kenyans. 

Kisauni MP Rashid Bedzimba condemned the officers in blue for disrupting the peaceful antigovernment protests which were held countrywide.

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