Teachers Ready to Engage in Remuneration Strategic Plan   

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The Kenya National Union of Teachers [KNUT] said it is ready to push the government to the negotiating table to consider a remuneration strategic plan.   

KNUT Secretary General Collins Oyuu disclosed the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) had earlier made proposals for a Sh 2 billion budget for teachers’ promotion.       

He said it is regrettable that the government slashed the amount from Sh 2 billion to Sh 1 billion in the teacher promotion exercise.

“Let the TSC open avenues for a negotiation with us once more,” he pointed out.

Oyuu pointed out the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) had stopped them from negotiating on the teachers’ remuneration package and mentoring in 2011.

He was addressing the media after holding a closed door meeting during a KNUT coast regional delegates meeting held at Ronald Ngala primary school in Mvita constituency, Mombasa county.

The KNUT Secretary General has lauded the government  for allocating over 70 billion to roll out the teachers strategic plan through the TSC.

Oyuu, who was flanked by KNUT Assistant Secretary Rosalia Mkanjala and KNUT National Chairman Patrick Karinga regretted the program has locked out the teachers’ remuneration package.

He urged the government to consider teachers in the rolling out in their strategic plan through TSC.

“We are out after the SRC lifted the caveat on the teachers’ remuneration package negations,” he added 

The KNUT spokesperson said he has written to the TSC 14 days ago to bring them to the negotiation table on the teachers’ remuneration package.        

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