Don Mathias Mumassabba: Championing Health, Wellness, and Sustainability Initiatives

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Don Mathias Mumassabba was born on the 27th of June, 1986 in Nairobi Kenya and moved to Canada with his family. He grew up in Toronto, Ontario where he founded several prominent public relations and interactive marketing agencies.

He is a Kenyan-born Canadian consultant, highly respected author, serial entrepreneur, public speaker, marketing strategist, Chairman of Eminent Media Inc, and CEO EMI Influencers. 

Don graduated with a Diploma in Business Administration (Management) from Kenyan Methodist University and is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University of Calgary where his area of specialization is focused on Communications and Media Studies.

Don is legally married to Latifat Mumassabba and has a son called Michael Mumassabba, a Canadian alpha influencer. Don is primarily known for his significant contributions in the technology and social sectors. He is well-known for founding Eminent Media Inc, a Marketing, PR and communications consulting firm and he also founded EMI Influencers Inc. in 2015 which is a recognized digital marketing agency based in Toronto, Canada.

Upon founding EMI Influencers Inc., Don is also recognized as a thought leader on how softwares (including AI e.g ChatGPT), the internet and digital technologies have created seismic shifts in the practice of marketing that delivers entirely new levels of customer engagement. He developed the EMI Influencers Scheduling Tool, an AI-powered platform designed to revolutionize how influencers manage and schedule their content.

EMI Influencers Inc. is a digital marketing agency that specializes in influencer marketing, social media management, and brand strategy. Through his leadership expertise, he ensured that the company gained immense recognition and attracted an impressive client portfolio including Fortune 500 companies, startups, and nonprofit organizations.

The company is also widely respected for its data-driven approach to influencer marketing, where influencers are carefully selected based on their ability to captivate audiences and deliver measurable results. Having been featured in numerous industry publications and garnered multiple awards, the company’s excellent work solidifies its position as one of leading players in the dynamic field of digital marketing.

Additionally, he has worked with large and small companies such as Microsoft, BELL, 7-Eleven, as well as Canadian organizations such as Canadian Tire, March of Dimes Canada, and Enercare. With a wealth of experience in team management, overseeing communication strategies, events’ organization (Vigor Awards, The Caribana Festival, Raggae Fest, Wida Fest and Plascon Color Run), and public speaking. The leadership skills he possesses contributes towards his overall business development success.

Moreover, he is constantly making significant contributions to the field as a marketing expert. Through digital technology incorporation into customer engagement strategies and emphasizing the importance of authentic marketing approaches that transcends traditional channels of paid, earned, and owned media; he has revolutionized the concept of marketing.

Embarking on his marketing and communications career, he honed skills at various advertising agencies and public relations firms where he became renowned for his innovative and visionary strategies. His strategies brought not only success to his clients’ brands but also to his A-list customers thereby transforming the B-List customers to A-list as a result of high quality and exceptional marketing strategies and management.

Additionally, he has worked with A – list clients who are highly recognized in the industry. Some of which are: 

Morocco Omari who is featured in the most anticipated Hollywood series, Empire. 

Benjamin Onyango who is well known for his Hollywood movies Tears of the Sun, Beautifully Broken and Gods Not Dead. 

Jimmy Gathu, a legendary TV and radio host as well as a corporate MC. 

Kafui Danku who is a Canadian Ghanaian actress and movie producer who is mostly known for her role in the movies Any Other Monday, 4Play and I Do.

Rachel Mbuki who is a recognized media personality, the former Miss Universe Kenya and Hollywood red carpet host.

Mwaniki Mageria, a presenter on the show Food of Kenya, a film producer as well as a corporate MC.

Anne Mwaura, famously known media personality and a radio presenter at capital FM Kenya show.

Aulgah Nato who is an award winning Kenyan fashion designer.

As a professional personality in the marketing and communications industry for advocacy of diversity and inclusion, he gained a reputation as a compelling speaker at conferences and events. He openly shares his extensive knowledge and ideas and dedicates his time and resources to charitable initiatives that provide educational and mentorship opportunities for young people from marginalized communities who are interested in pursuing careers in marketing.

Notably, he served as a judge at the prestigious Canadian Marketing Association, where he played a crucial role in evaluating and assessing various brand building initiatives. Alongside esteemed professionals such as Aaizah Syed, Head of Marketing at RBH Inc., and Abhijeet, his insights and discernment contributed significantly to the selection process. Don’s involvement in this esteemed panel demonstrates his deep understanding of marketing strategies and his commitment to recognizing excellence in brand building.

Don the founder of EMI Influencers Scheduling Tool AI-powered platform, the innovative scheduling app that has made significant strides in the content industry in Canada. The tool aids social media influencers in streamlining their content strategy by optimizing scheduling, analyzing audience engagement, and providing data-driven insights for content improvement.

Through this tool, influencers can maximize their reach and impact, fostering a more efficient and impactful use of social media platforms. Their contributions to the field have garnered recognition and international acclaim, including an award from the Minister of Youth in Canada, Ahmed Hussen.

Alongside the A- list renowned personalities, he also has his fair share of working with Influencers. Some of which are mentioned below.  

Phoina Tosha, she is a renowned beauty influencer and entrepreneur who owns Phonie Beauty which is a multi million cosmetic line.

Audrey Kizito, who is a Canadian fitness enthusiast and a fitness influencer.

Kizzy Magalie, who is a famous French fashion designer.

Marianna Yusy, a Ukrainian fashion Influencer and marketing consultant

In regards to professional and philanthropic interest he has been playing a pivotal role in supporting youth and women’s empowerment programs. As an Executive Director of the YES Youth and Women Can Foundation, Mumassabba uses his technological acumen and leadership abilities to help the community. The foundation focuses on empowering youth and women through various programs, including education, skill development, and entrepreneurship. Under his leadership, the foundation has made substantial progress in uplifting the underprivileged and creating sustainable solutions for community development. Moreover, his involvement in the YES Youth and Women Can Foundation exhibits his commitment to utilizing his skills and resources for the betterment of society. His dual role as a technological innovator and social advocate exemplifies the ways in which entrepreneurship can be coupled with philanthropy for widespread positive change.

Some of his extended involvements include: 

Skill Development Workshops: He is leading the EMI Influencers Inc., workshops to teach skills that are in high demand in the job market, such as coding, digital marketing, or entrepreneurship.

Sports and Recreation Programs: He actively organizes and partners up with sports events and recreational activities to promote physical health and teamwork among the youth. He has partnered up with events like the Sterling U23 Gold Cup Basketball championships at Nyayo Stadium Arena.

Mentorship Programs: He takes interest in pairing youths with experienced mentors in their field of interest. This could also involve using the EMI Influencers Scheduling Tool to connect young people with influential mentors through social media channels.

Youth Entrepreneurship Support: He openly provides financial support and mentorship to youth who are interested in starting their own business.

Civic Engagement and Leadership Training: He takes part in educating youth on civic responsibilities and encouraging them to take up leadership roles in community development.

Health and Wellness Programs: He is determined to raise awareness and bring exposure about physical and mental health amongst the youth and provide them with the necessary resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Cultural Exchange Programs: He actively facilitates cultural exchange programs where youth can learn about different cultures and perspectives which therefore helps in developing a global mindset.

Environment and Sustainability Initiatives: He ensures to engage the youth in environmental conservation projects and educate them on sustainable practices.

His literacy skills go beyond comprehension and that can be highlighted through his publications. 

Don Matthias, author the following books;

• “The CEO’s Branding Edge: Elevate Your Leadership Brand to Drive Business Success

• Mastering Marketing Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Winning Marketing Plan

• “Redefining Social Media Marketing with Chat GPT: A Cutting-Edge Approach”

• “Digital Marketing: The Future of Advertising”

He has been recognized with several awards and honors for his accomplishments in the marketing and communications industry over the course of his professional life. Some of which are;

2022 – Judge at the Canadian Marketing Association where he received “Innovator of the year”.

2022 – Certificate of Recognition for Supporting Non-for-profit Organizations by Tom Rakocevic, Member of Provincial Parliament – Humber River Black Creek.

2022 – Certificate of Recognition by Councillor Anthony Perruzza – Humber River Black Creek. 

2022 – Best Supporting Non-for-profit Organization Media Agency By Doug Fore, Premier of Ontario.

2021 –  Best Supporting Media Agency by Judy Sgro, Member of the House of Commons of Canada – Humber River black Creek.

2019 –  Best Entrepreneurship Firm awarded by the Minister Ahmed Hussen who was the former minister of Youth and now minister of housing, diversity and inclusion Canada.

2018 – Best PR firm in Kenya at the Riverwoods Award. 

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