Investor Takes Over Site for Proposed Taifa Gas Project

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The government has confirmed the site for the proposed Taifa Gas facility in Mombasa county has been taken for construction work to commence.

Head of Public Service, Felix Koskei said the investor has taken over the site for the proposed project.

He disclosed the civil engineer has moved to the site to commence work for the project. 

“The compensation package for residents affected by the facility is underway,” he pointed out.

Koskei said the government is in the process of giving title deeds for alternative settlement to the affected residents.

He was addressing the media during his fact finding tour at the proposed Taifa Gas facility in Mombasa county. Koskei was at site of the special economic zone authority’s proposed 45,000 MT storage and distribution LPG plant.    

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The Head of Public Service said the government is hastening both the compensation package and the alternative land for those affected by the project.

Felix reiterated his tour of the coast region is to inspect government projects.

He told the media that Dongo Kundu is a special economic zone site  through the government to ensure the facility is developed.

“The government move is intended to attract more investors and to create more employment opportunities,” he added.

The Head of Public Service assured local residents that apart from the facility creating job opportunities it will also manufacturer local products for the consumer.

He added the manufacturer will enable the government save foreign exchange.

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