Local Agents to Sponsor Golf Tourney This Weekend

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Golfers’ focus is on the inaugural Kalamar open golf tournament to be held this weekend at the Nyali golf and country club in Mombasa county.

The leading manufacturer of cranes spare equipment through their agent Power Parts Kenya Limited will host the golfers during the open tournament.

A high turn out is expected for golfers during the one day tough encounter.         

The local company’s agent Chief Executive Officer [CEO] Bharat Soni confirmed that this weekend the focus will be his sponsored tournament at the famous north coast golf course.        

He said the tournament will be at the golf course on Friday and the day tournament is on Saturday.

“I wish to confirm the one day tournament is open to all players and they are free to take part in the   inaugural Kalamar tournament,” he pointed out.

The Power Parts Kenya boss assured the golfers  the tournament will be value for their time and refuted claims they will be wasting time in taking part on the material day.

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Bharat said during a telephone interview that he has lined up favorable awards and a colorful presentation ceremony at end of the tournament.

He added the inaugural Kalamar open golf  tournament is an annual event at the course.

“I am a golfer and I am aware what it takes to be a golfer in an organized tournament at the end of the day,” he pointed out.

The company boss  said his company is a local agent in the region and part of the continent for cranes equipment and supply of general equipment. 

Bharat emphasized the day tourney will be a forum to for the golfers to interact and know each other better.

He added the tournament will be a bonding session with golfers and company management.

“The material day will be best forum to know and talk to each other and a better forum  to interaction,” he pointed out .

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