Nairobi CEC Finance, Chief Officer Given 7days to Resign

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Tunza Mtoto Coalition and Nairobi Taxpayers have called for the immediate resignation of Nairobi’s County Executive Committee Member for Finance, his Chief Officer, and the County Head of the Treasury.

This follows the letter by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations alleging the fraudulent siphon of money at the City Hall for services not rendered.

In their statement to the Press, said it is shocking that Governor Sakaja is yet to issue a public statement regarding the scandal yet Nairobians who elected him are suffering.

“Tunza Mtoto Coalition-Kenya and the Nairobi taxpayers demand that the Governor as the Holder of the highest moral authority issues a public statement on the scandal and issues a commitment to cooperate with the investigating authority and the County Executive Committee Member for Finance, County Chief Finance Officer and the County Head of the Treasury step aside to pave way for Investigations,” the statement read in part.

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Further, they have called on the Assembly to address the corruption happening in the county.

The Coalition Executive Director Muthoni Ouko stated that they have given Sakaja seven days to comply with their request of making a statement and stepping aside of the officers or they will mobilize Nairobians to eject them from their offices.

“Should the governor not comply within 7 days, The coalition will take action including and not limited to mobilizing Nairobians To mass action to eject the corrupt officials from office as well as mobilize county taxes resistance from the various sectors until confidence is restored back in the leadership of the county,” she stated.

Recently, Ouko was in Court to stop Sakaja’s feeding Program though the High Court permitted the program to proceed as the case continues in court.

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In a letter dated July, 21, 2023 by the DCI Investigation Bureaus Head by David Birech on behalf of Mohamed Amin, received by the Acting Nairobi County Secretary Patrick Anallo, the Nairobi County Government is supposed to furnish the investigating officers with documents showing the services provided by the said companies and the relevant budget approvals.

“This office is investigating a case of suspected money laundering whereby the county government is suspected to have made fraudulent payments to the companies yet there were no services rendered. We ask your office to furnish us with the relevant budget approvals and requisitions by the departments relating to the above payments,” the letter by DCI dated July, 21,2023 read in part.

The detective’s head has asked Governor Sakaja to share the tender documents and the award letters for the contracts.

The nine companies include Burasha General Suppliers Limited, Larsen Investment, Tween Limited, Future Link Limited, Cloud Mobile Technologies Limited, AR Pharmaceuticals Limited, Instanbul Investment Limited, Ramecon Engineering Limited, and Brigit West Limited.

In addition to the documents requested, the DCI asked that the Officers knowledgeable about the processes listed in the letter should go to the Kiambu Road Headquarters and record a statement.

“We further request to assign officers who have knowledge of the various processes listed above to assist us with information on their roles and record statements to that effect,” the letter added.

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