Nairobi County Passes Motion to Establish County Broadcast Policy

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Nairobi City County Assembly has passed a motion to establish the Nairobi City County Broadcast Policy.

The proposed broadcast policy aims to create the gubernatorial Digital press unit, County TV and Radio Broadcast directorate, and Customer service.

The goal is to improve information dissemination and civic education for the residents of Nairobi, as well as facilitate public participation.

According to the Deputy Minority Whip, Joyce Kamau, implementing this policy would help reduce the cost of advertisement, which was previously around Ksh. 142 million.

By having their own broadcasting infrastructure, the county can minimize these expenses and allocate the funds to other essential projects like roads and healthcare.

Nairobi Deputy Minority Whip Joyce Kamau

“Establishing a Nairobi County media house will lead to substantial cost savings in terms of advertising expenses, during the last financial year, the county government spent over 142 million on advertisements alone. By having our own media house, the county will effectively reduce and eliminate the need to outsource advertising to external media outlets. This move offers several benefits as the money will be used on other projects in the city.” Joyce said.

The broadcast unit is also expected to generate revenue through commercialization and attracting investors for advertisements.

“The media house will be a significant source of revenue for the county government. By commercializing the media stations and attracting investors to advertise their products and services, the media house can generate substantial income, the revenue generated can be reinvested in improving the media house’s facilities, expanding its reach, and supporting various development projects that benefit Nairobi and its residents.” She added

Joyce believes that having a county media unit will keep the residents informed about the activities of the governor across the entire county.

The media house will be instrumental in spreading awareness about various county programs, initiatives, and events. This heightened visibility will lead to increased public participation and support for these endeavors.

Moreover, Joyce assured that if the policy is implemented, they will ensure that professionals are employed in accordance with the law, indicating that the hiring process would be fair and legal.

Joyce’s assured that if the motion will be implemented only professionals will be employed through a fair and legal hiring process, emphasizing that it will be esessial for the success and reputation of the Nairobi County media house.

“Such a practice ensures a competent and diverse workforce, fosters a positive work environment, and strengthens the media house’s position as a responsible and reputable institution in the region.” Joyce said

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