MoH, Red Cross Conduct Integrated Medical Outreach In Mt Elgon

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Residents of Kamenjo in the Mt. Elgon region have been urged to embrace preventive methods to curtail the spread of malaria in the area, especially during this rainy season.

In an interview with The Times Newspaper, Dr. Patrick Kipsaang’ of Mt. Elgon Sub County Hospital observed that the majority of patients who received medical services during the Wednesday Medical Outreach at Koikoi tested positive for malaria.

Among the 15 patients tested for malaria, 4 were positive; this clearly shows that the prevalence is very high and it cuts across the population from children to old age; hence, the use of mosquito nets is highly recommended,” noted Kipsaang’.

Dr. Kipsaang’ further reported that hypertension was high among adults and malnutrition among children who sought treatment, mainly because of ignorance among residents and the high level of poverty among the population.

“Community health volunteers around these areas should sensitise the population perpetually on lifestyle diseases and intensify screening for malaria and HIV; there’s also an outbreak of mumps and skin diseases, which should be managed effectively,” reiterated Kipsaang’.

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The medical outreach was facilitated by Kenya Red Cross Bungoma and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Finland.

Free Medical Assisatance

The outreach saw around 120 patients of all ages receive free medical services, like family planning, immunisation, and referrals from Red Cross and MoH.

“Today I’m grateful to the Red Cross because my grandchild, who’s 4 months old, and my 10-year-old daughter have received medication. I was also sick, but due to a lack of money, I couldn’t visit any health facilities. We need more of such services,” said Faustina Wanyonyi from Koikoi.

John Kiberenge, a 70-year-old man from Kamenjo, also lauded the free medical services, noting that he was diagnosed with malaria and given medicine but was referred to Mt. Elgon Sub County Hospital for eye clinic services.

“The mobilisation was commendable since it was a collective responsibility of the Community Health Volunteers and Community Health Extension Workers,” reported Joyce King’wa, senior nursing officer from Mt. Elgon Sub County Hospital.

The beneficiaries of the programme were residents of Waito,Koikoi,Namasanda,Sulwe, Aburi, and Kamenjo.

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