Viral derogatory video of MCA Fuad Hassan resurface online

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A video that first blew up the internet in January 2023 and in which Eastleigh Airbase Member of the County Assembly (MCA) Fuad Hassan threatening an unidentified Nairobi County Planning Department Officer with sexual assault has resurfaced, just a day after the county government demolished a building associated with MCA.

Fuad, yesterday retorted on social media that he would continue fighting Governor Johnson Sakaja who he accused of being behind the demolition that was done by county enforcement officers on a building he had put up at the Eastleigh Health Center.

In the viral recording, Fuad is heard making a derogatory phone call to an identified man where he threatens to track down the man, working for the Nairobi County government and cause sexual assault to the man.

Fuad demanded to know why the officer had written a letter supposedly against the MCA’s wishes where the said officer questioned Fuad’s construction in Parklands.

“Uko wapi nikuje saa hizi? (Where are you I come right now?) You are playing with a very wrong person, Unaandika barua wewe kama nani? (Who are you to be writing letters),” Fuad is heard ranting before unleashing shameful and unprintable insults to the man with threats that he would ensure the officer faces sexual assault.

Fuad has in the past claimed that he was fighting to protect the interests of people of the Somali community from fraudsters out to defraud them.

Yesterday, the county government demolished the illegal building allegedly owned jointly by Fuad and South C MCA Abass Khalif following public outcry and an official complaint by the Kamukunji sub county health officer Dr. Miriam Etole over the illegal construction at the health facility.

The MCA had asked to set up a Ward office at the health center only to demolish the health center illegally during the 2022 Christmas holiday and subsequently bringing up a two floors commercial building at the location, effectively denying its residents of critical health services.

Sources intimate that the deep pocketed South C Abass financed the demolition of the hospital and worked with Fuad to construct the new building.

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