Salgaa Team and Chief Officer Ms. Gladys Kamuren Empower Vulnerable Communities

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A dedicated delegation from Salgaa visited the office of Chief Officer – Gender Social Services and Inclusivity, Ms. Gladys Kamuren on Monday .

The meeting was held to discuss critical concerns affecting the vulnerable population within the Ward/Constituency.

Central to the discussions was the issue of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) who, shockingly, remain unassessed and unregistered with the National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCWPD).

Reports revealed that a substantial number of PWDs within the community require immediate attention, particularly in the form of wheelchairs and crutches. The delegation underscored the importance of comprehensive disability support systems.

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Addressing the gathering, Ms. Gladys Kamuren expressed her gratitude to the Salgaa team for bringing these pressing matters to the forefront of public discourse.

She acknowledged the importance of proactive engagement and pledged her commitment to collaborate closely with the community to ensure equitable opportunities for all residents, regardless of their abilities or circumstances.

Beyond the PWDs, the conversation extended to other marginalized groups within the region. Street children and elderly individuals struggling to make ends meet in the satellite towns of Salgaa and Kampi ya Moto were identified as needing the department’s support.

“These individuals, often overlooked by society, are a testament to the community’s pressing need for comprehensive social welfare,”she said.

The proactive approach exhibited by Ms. Kamuren, marked by servant leadership and an evident dedication to fostering inclusivity, was praised by the visiting team.

Her willingness to tackle challenging issues head-on and her warm reception of community voices earned her appreciation and respect.

She promised to prioritize the raised concerns and work hand in hand with the community to effect tangible change within the area.

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