Land an emotive issue in urban counties

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Double registration of land title deeds is a major set back in urban counties.

Founder and Chairman of the PLO Lumumba Foundation said land conflicts is as a result of double registration of ownership of parcels of land.

Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba alias [PLO] lamented that land issues are good on paper but not on the ground.

He pointed out that to register a document at government’s land ministry is a nightmare.

“Let’s consume technology in the manner of its context,” he pointed out.

Lumumba acknowledged land is an emotive issue in Kisumu, Kiambu, Kajiado, Kilifi among other counties which are faced with the problem of double registration of land  titles.

He was speaking during the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya [ISK]  Pre- AGM conference held at PrideInn hotel  in Mombasa county.

The founder and chairman of the PLO Lumumba Foundation told leaders that they owe the country an explanation on how they allow double registration of land  titles to happen.

Lumumba wondered how this happened when the government has ethics and standards of surveyors.   

He said despite having ethical surveyors and  land valuers double registration in the country has continued to happen. 

“How can a parcel of land be valuated  by four surveyors ending up in conflicts and compensation packages?” he posed.

The founder and chairman of the PLO Lumumba Foundation accused lands officers of colluding with land valuers in the compensation package paid out.

Lumumba pointed an accusing finger at surveyors and  land valuers for lack of professional ethics in compensation packages.    

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