Nairobi Workers vow to Protect Finance Sector

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The Union of Kenya County Government Workers, Nairobi County chapter have now condemned Cityhall cartels led by South C MCA Abbas Khalif for sabotaging the county treasury.

According to the union the group are out to ensure the county treasury is paralyzed so that they can get loop holes to fix their fictitious payments.

“Their main is to instigate unlawful arrests of the current finance officials Mr. Charles Kerich and his Chief Officer Asha Abdi so that they have other friendly officials who can now pay their scams.We shall not allow it.” Festus Ngari County Union Secretary General said.

“We shall not allow them to disable the Finance Department so that they pay their cartels at the expense of workers Kerich and Asha have done well so far and we shall protect them to the end.” He added.

They stated that cartels in conjunction with faceless county officials are the ones who destabilized the previous governments and are also fighting Sakaja to bring his government down like the previous.

The workers have expressed their concern that with the ongoing wrangles they might go back to the days when their salaries were being used to pay contractors and suppliers which has not been experienced since Sakaja became Governor of Nairobi.

They have called on the SRC to give advisories to county governments because they need their advice at most saying they are Public Service officers and need to be cushioned against tough health conditions.

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