Counties Cautioned Against Increasing Levies  

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The county governments have been warned not to attempt to do what the national government is doing in the move to increase levy collection.

Azimio leader Raila Odinga asked them not  to increase charges on services provided at the county level.

He warned them not to borrow a leaf from the national government in plans to boost its revenue collection.

“The county governments depend on resources from the national government to continue to respond to the needs of the county electorates,” he pointed out.

Raila challenged the government to understand and appreciate county governments are partners in the country’s journey to success.

He was speaking on the second day of a three-day devolution conference held at Eldoret Sports Club in Uasin Gishu county.  President William Ruto had preformed the official opening of the forum a day before.    

The Azimio leader said collection of revenue by governors from the county governments is different from his point of view.

Raila urged them to act responsibly and urged them to invest within their own means.

He asked them to come up with programs to create employment opportunities to be able to put money in their electorate’s pockets.

“The county government do not have to copy paste what the national government is doing to run their affairs,” he pointed out      

The former Prime Minister dismissed criticism made by host governor Jonathan Bii over protests saying the current constitution is product of demonstrations.     

He said the intended protests against Finland airlift saga has brought to the limelight and awareness of the unfolding drama.

“There is nothing wrong with holding demonstrations which is like saving children from an education scam in the country,” he added.

The former PM pointed out the police brutality against protestors is what is wrong and not the protests.

Raila described United States Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman as rouge person over remarks he made during the devolution conference on the opening day and warned him to stop pocking his nose into the country’s affairs.

He defended the antigovernment protests saying it is a healthy move and refuted claims there is something wrong with them.

“Kenya is not a colony of the USA and therefore kindly leave us alone to manage our own affairs,” he  pointed out.  

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