Ripple Effect: The Donkey Saviour At Mt Elgon’s Chesito

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By Isabella Maua

Donkey keepers and users in the Chesito area of Mt. Elgon have applauded the intervention of Ripple Effect regarding the animals’ welfare in the area.
The farmers have expressed their gratitude towards the noble act of free medical services and general donkey welfare for over a year now.

Dennis Ruto, a farmer who owns two donkeys at Tuyebei, explains that, were it not for the free donkey clinic early this year, he was on the verge of losing his lovely 4-year-old Simba.

“I did not know anything about hoof trimming or even vaccination of donkeys; Simba was almost breathing his last, but Ripple Effect’s coming was timely; they treated him and advised on best practices to ensure his recovery and handling,” narrated Ruto.

John Kwarat, who takes care of donkeys at Chesito Secondary School, concurred with Ruto’s sentiments, observing that the beast of burdens are the sole water transporters for the school, who have for long lacked the care they deserve.

“We used to overload our donkeys with jerrycans of water from the river without thinking of their well-being or even health, but from Ripple Effect’s visits around this region, we have had a lot to write home about; our donkeys are happy, as you can bear witness,” divulged Kwarat as he pointed at four donkeys grazing in the school compound.

Since the most recent donkey clinic was held at Chwele Ndogo in April 2023, the farmers still take pride in the services provided by Ripple Effect and beseech the non-governmental organisation to enhance its presence in the region for the betterment of the entire community.

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