Africa Parliamentarians dialogue on Global Climate Agenda

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Pan-African Parliamentary Dialogue convenes in Nairobi, Kenya to mobilise and align the efforts of African legislatures and parliamentarians around the resolutions and recommendations on climate justice and equity as a means to influence the global climate agenda for a sustainable future for Africa and the world.

The meeting organized by the Pan-African Parliament and Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance intends to use the presence of African parliamentarians in Nairobi during the Africa Climate Week, to facilitate reflections and assert the prominence and visibility of African parliamentarians within
the global climate change discourse.

The ongoing Parliamentary dialogue takes place on the sidelines of Africa Climate Summit 2023 scheduled to take place in Nairobi Kenya from 3rd to 8th September under the theme: “Driving green climate Finance solutions for Africa and the world”.

For two days Parliamentarians from Across the continent will discuss ways to give effects to the Pan-African Parliament’s Resolutions and Recommendations on Climate Policy and Equity in Africa and develop the framework for the Model Law on Climate Change.

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