Kilimani MCA Moses Ogeto Issues Third Term Bursaries

28 100

Over 500 Kilimani residents have today received county bursaries thanks to Governor Johnson Sakaja and their MCA Moses Ogeto.

Speaking at Lady Northey Ogeto applauded efforts put by Governor to ensure they receive bursaries on time.

“Kilimani electorates can now smile because with this forms they are assured that their children must go to school.Thats the Nairobi we want.Our people must get services and on time and that’s what as honourable members we are advocating for.” He said.

“Mimi nataka kushukuru mheshimiwa kwa Sababu leo niliamka asubui na kufika hapa kwa ofisi nipate bursary despite kutopata message I was considered..wale walipata message wamepata pia.Uongozi wake uko sawa kabisa.” Isabela Atieno told the media.

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