MP James Gakuya and Governor Sakaja Lock Horns over Political Interests

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The political landscape in Nairobi is becoming increasingly complex as tensions escalate between Embakasi North MP James Gakuya and Governor Johnson Sakaja.

Gakuya, who has been vocal in his criticisms of Sakaja’s administration, has brought tribalism into the conversation in a way that raises serious concerns.

Gakuya has recently declared his interest in the Nairobi County United Democratic Alliance Party Chairmanship for the upcoming UDA elections in December 2023.

His critics suggest that his use of tribalistic rhetoric is a strategy for soliciting sympathy votes.

Further stirring the pot, Gakuya has been rumored to be considering a run for the Nairobi Gubernatorial Elections in 2027.

The Mp. went on record in a TV interview with a Kenyan vernacular station, alleging that Deputy Governor James Muchiri, who is from Gakuya’s community, is being sidelined.

This claim has led to speculation that the Deputy Governor could be secretly working towards the impeachment of Governor Sakaja.

Adding to the intrigue, the Minority Leader, Bishop, and the Minority Whip, Roro, were controversially ousted from office. In a press conference, the two accused the Deputy Governor and Gakuya of planning to impeach Governor Sakaja.

They claimed that the Deputy Governor and Gakuya had invited Gikuyu Members of the Nairobi County Assembly to a meeting attended by a Senior Government Leader, who had been openly critical of Sakaja earlier this year.

However, Gakuya’s accusations against Sakaja’s administration are not without controversy. His own brother serves as the Director of Revenue in the Nairobi County Government, and there are allegations that he may be behind the current revenue gaps in the county.

Governor Sakaja, navigating these political storms, continues to manage the challenges of leading Nairobi. As the city’s citizens await the outcomes of these political maneuvers, the hope remains that unity and peace will prevail over division and conflict.

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