Azimio Coalition rally behind “no” to muguka


Minority Party leader Opiyo Wandayi addressing the media at Pride Inn Hotel in Mombasa county. He applauded a move taken by the Coast Parliamentary Group (CPG) to support the ban of muguka in the coast region.

Ugunja lawmaker Opiyo Wandayi said the Azimio coalition at the National Assembly associate themselves with leaders drawn from the coast region to say “no” to muguka. 


He said there in solidarity with the local leaders to ban the sell and consumption of muguka in the coast region.


“It’s with a simple reason that muguka has caused havoc in the region,” he pointed out.


Wandayi added that it had negative effects on the lives of majority of the youths in the region.


He was addressing the media at PrideInn Hotel in Mombasa county.


The lawmaker told the media he is aware muguka has side effects to those in other counties too apart from those in the coast region.


Wandayi who is Minority Party leader in parliament told the media he supports the action taken by the governors drawn from the coast region to ban the sell of muguka in the region.


He insisted the adverse effects of muguka are clear on the residents and the economy of the region.


The law on muguka is contradictory as on one hand both miraa and muguka are recognized as schedule crop while on the other hand the law on narcotics outlaws both miraa and muguka,” he said.


The Minority Party leader said the media the government in its own admission says that under the National Campaign Against Drug Abuse Authority both miraa and muguka should have been made illegal.


Wandayi told the media he promises to support a move by Owen Baya, his Kilifi North counterpart, to seek to amend the crop Act to reverse the legality of miraa and muguka.

He added that this is despite the livelihood of the people drawn from the larger Meru and Embu counties depending on the production of both miraa and muguka.


Coast Parliamentary Group (CPG) chairman Danson Mwashako sent passionate appeal to the government to join them in the war against muguka.


He asked the government to use the same energy it used in fighting illegall brews in the central region to fight against muguka in the region.


“The muguka menace is national issue and it was wrong for an Embu court to issue stay orders on the ban of  muguka in the region,” he pointed out.


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