Bishop Thagana Welcomes Clamour For reconciliation


The clergy has welcomed yesterday’s call by his excellency the President Dr William Samoei Ruto for forgiveness and reconciliation.

The Men of God led by Bishop David Munyiri Thagana of Glory Outreach Assembly, and who had attended the National Prayer Breakfast noted:

“Forgiveness and reconciliation is the best approach to solve the everyday challenges which confronts us as a Nation. We are equivocal in echoing the sentiments of our President because this is also in line with the Scripture which calls upon brethren to forgive fellow brethren,” The Archbishop noted.

The theme for the National prayer breakfast was reconciliation and His Excellency The President stressed that:

“Kenya is a democratic country which has accorded leaders the right to differ and compete vigorously. Even so, we must endeavour to reconcile our commitments and appreciate the unity of our aspirations for a freer and more just, prosperous, united and secure nation.”

Bishop David Thagana however lamented the lackluster attitude of the Opposition who skipped the important even

“For True reconciliation, our brothers from the opposition ought to have been here so that we can have a very honest discussion on the best way to steer our country forward.”

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