Politicians call for speedy investigations on Kaptama killings


The political fraternity within Bungoma County have joined hands in pushing for speedy and detailed investigations into the Friday night killings at Kaptama, Mt. Elgon.

Speaking at Kaptama Police Station, Mt. Elgon MP Fred Kapondi vowed to be in the forefront in assisting police capture and apprehend the culprits.

His sentiments were echoed by Kimilili MP Didimus Baraza who arrived at the scene shortly after the second suspect had been seized and put into custody.

The legislator who was accompanied by Bungoma Senator, David Wakoli, Deputy Governor Janepher Mbatiany and Webuye East MP Martin Pepela; called upon the security team to redirect their effort in looking into serious crimes rather than dwelling on local brewers and drunkards.

“It is shameful that police waste time roaming around ‘busa’ dens and road blocks while killers of an innocent man of God are at large, we call for haste so that justice is served before Pastor David is laid to rest,” said Didimus.

Also addressing the crowd Senator Wakoli condemned the reluctance of Kaptama police citing that overstaying among the police officers has been a thorn in the flesh.

“Some policemen have been here for more than 15 years till they no longer take their job with the seriousness it deserves, if this matter is not put in order Ministry of Defence should step in and transfer all officers from Kaptama,” Wakoli cautioned.

Deputy Governor Mbatiany eulogized her fellow clergy as a God fearing, humble and hard working man however decrying police sluggishness in responding to attacks.

“Police should up their game and be quick when such alarm is raised, we’ve been enjoying peace in this region and we won’t allow it to be taken from us by few culprits who should be in jail” reiterated Mbatiany.

According to Bungoma governor Kenneth Lusaka, the late pastor David was a straight forward, honest and hard working person who earned from his sweat and also played a pivotal role in his re-elections.

So far 3 suspects have been arrested and put into custody with members of public urged to be vigilant and report anything suspicious related to the case.

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