Celebrating Life Beyond Cancer: World Cancer Survivors Day


By Dr. Solomon Mutua, (Medical Oncologist, The Nairobi West Hospital)


June 2, 2024, marks a significant day worldwide – World Cancer Survivors Day – a day to amplify awareness about cancer’s impact and celebrate the growing number of individuals who are conquering this formidable disease.


Cancer survivorship embodies a spectrum of experiences. For some, it’s a fresh diagnosis; for others, it’s living with cancer, completing active treatment, or enjoying years of being cancer-free. At The Nairobi West Hospital, we stand by each person’s side, supporting their unique journey through survivorship.


Surviving cancer is more than just defeating the disease; it’s about thriving beyond it. This includes acknowledging and addressing the challenges that persist post-treatment, such as the fear of recurrence and managing ongoing side effects. As we witness an encouraging rise in survival rates, it’s imperative to support cancer survivors in navigating these challenges.


Each cancer journey is distinct, and life after treatment isn’t always straightforward. Personalized support is crucial, ensuring that every patient receives the care they need when they need it most. In line with this, The Nairobi West Hospital hosted a cancer survivors forum on June 2, 2024, providing a platform for survivors to share their stories, battles, and the invaluable support they received from family and healthcare professionals.


The National Cancer Institute Of Kenya indicates that up to 3.7 million lives could be saved annually with appropriate strategies for prevention, early detection, and quality treatment. Early diagnosis is a cornerstone in further improving survival rates, as it often simplifies treatment and significantly enhances long-term outcomes.


If you’re experiencing signs or symptoms of cancer or notice any health changes, seek medical advice promptly. Vigilance is key; an early diagnosis can be life-altering. Routine screenings are critical opportunities to detect pre-cancerous conditions or diagnose cancer at its most treatable stage.


Melody’s narrative is one of courage and resilience. Diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer at 33, she faced her fears head-on. Despite the emotional turmoil, she remained hopeful, never questioning her fate but seeking strength and positivity.

Her treatment journey was arduous, involving a biopsy, the discovery of triple-negative breast cancer, and a lumpectomy. The chemotherapy sessions were grueling, and the radiotherapy, intense.

Yet, through it all, Melody’s bond with her husband deepened, and the support from her family, friends, The Nairobi West Hospital and church community was unwavering. Today, Melody is cancer-free and dedicates her time to inspiring and supporting other cancer patients.


Supporting someone post-cancer treatment is vital. The end of treatment often brings relief, but it can also usher in new challenges like uncertainty about the future, fear of recurrence, anxiety, physical issues, and relationship strains.


Recognizing the need for ongoing support, The Nairobi West Hospital has established a cancer survivors support group to provide continued guidance and care.


At The Nairobi West Hospital Cancer Care, we pride ourselves on our expertise in cancer diagnosis and treatment. We’ve recently introduced a cutting-edge digital AI-enabled PET Scan with 160 SLICE CT, now covered by NHIF, to enhance diagnostic precision. Our NHIF ONCOLOGY PACKAGE includes comprehensive evaluation and diagnostic testing with PET CT Scan.


Our team of cancer specialists, including consultants, nurses, and healthcare experts, collaborates to ensure that each patient receives a personalized treatment plan. We are dedicated to the well-being and recovery of every individual we serve.

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