Educational Visit Interrupted: Nairobi MCAs’ Absence Disappoints Student Guests


Hon Malyun Abdi acting Speaker presiding over near Empty, Nairobi County Assembly

Nairobi County Acting Speaker, Hon. Malyun Abdi, Expresses Disappointment as Plenary Adjourned Due to Lack of Quorum

Nairobi County Acting Speaker, Honorable Malyun Abdi, voiced her disappointment today as the plenary session was forced to adjourn due to a lack of quorum.

Presiding over todays session, Hon. Abdi expressed her dismay, particularly as Garden Estate Secondary School students and their teachers were visiting the Nairobi County Assembly chambers to observe the day-to-day activities of the County Assembly.

“We are setting a poor example for these students, who are being nurtured to take over from us. It’s high time Nairobi MCAs take their mandate seriously,” she remarked.

With only 26 out of 124 members in attendance, the Speaker had no choice but to adjourn the afternoon session to the following week, specifically next Tuesday.

According to Standing Order 37(1), a quorum of the County Assembly or Committee of the Whole County shall consist of one-third of its members, meaning only 42 MCAs are required for the session to commence.
The failure to attend sessions not only disrupts proceedings but also violates provisions outlined in Standing Order 242 of the County Assembly.

This standing order stipulates that if a member is absent from eight sittings of the assembly during any session without written permission from the Speaker, the matter shall be reported to the assembly, and it will be referred to the Committee of Privilege for further investigation and determination.

Hon. Malyun Abdi’s disappointment underscores the importance of accountability and dedication among Nairobi MCAs, emphasizing the need for active participation to fulfill their responsibilities effectively.
As the future leaders of Nairobi, setting a positive example for aspiring young minds is paramount, and adherence to assembly regulations is crucial in upholding the integrity of governance processes.

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