Glenmorangie partners with Penny Winter Kenya


By Oduor Jacktone

Scottish Highland distillery Glenmorangie hosted a single malt whisky event to celebrate the new launch of Penny Winter in the Kenyan market.

Glenmorangie East African Brand Ambassador Antoine Chidi said that the firm will be looking for local partnerships as a growth strategy

 “This partnership is in Glenmorangie’s core values of great craftsmanship and it is always a pleasure to partner with local brands that embody the same values” said Chidi.

He further added that through such collaborations, Glenmorangie is able to open doors to a sensory playground, allowing guests to enjoy the smoothest single malt whisky in a different environment that’s more playful.

Penny Winter Kenya has been locally producing apparel such as leather jackets made from Sustainable locally sourced materials with by-products leather and horn – as their way to conserve the environment which is also in line with Glenmorangie’s efforts towards environmental sustainability. As we approach the festive season, Glenmorangie is also set to continue with its tradition of organizing private single malt whisky tastings for its clients like has been the case during past seasons.

The partnership brought together whisky connoisseurs and other VIP guests.

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