Go Places on the Frontline in Showcasing Kenya as an Ideal Tourist Destination


My name is Nev Jiwani, and I have been involved in the tourism industry for over thirty years. I am the founder of Go Places Brand, my partners own Go Places Africa DMC, and Eye Content.

Go Places Digital is a digital marketing agency specializing in hospitality, tourism, lifestyle, and real estate. Through our platform, we engage in weekly communication, including a regular newsletter and social media presence.

I am honored to share that I was recently recognized as The Women of Excellence in Tourism Awards, which further reinforces our commitment to promoting Kenya as a premier tourist destination.

The Go Places brand, with its nearly thirty-year presence in the industry, has played a pivotal role in showcasing Kenya locally, regionally, and internationally.

Today, at the Africa Hotel Investment Forum, I am thrilled to witness its return to Kenya after the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kenya’s tourism sector is experiencing a surge of investor confidence, evident by the entry of numerous hotel brands into the country.

Currently, there are 27 hotels in the pipeline, which will add an additional 3,700 rooms to our hospitality offerings.

This influx of investment showcases the belief and trust investors have in Kenya’s potential as a thriving tourist destination.

Kenya presents a wealth of opportunities for investors in the hospitality industry, including job creation and economic growth.

The growth potential extends beyond hotels to encompass various sectors such as tourism, culinary ventures, and more.

This forum acts as a catalyst, opening doors globally, regionally, and locally, encouraging individuals from all walks of life to invest in our beloved country, Magical Kenya.

Our nation’s talent and potential are often underestimated.

Kenya boasts an array of skilled individuals who are just as proficient as their counterparts from any other part of the world.

We have emerged as a culinary tourism hub, offering over 35 different types of cuisines.

With leading culinary artists, remarkable designs, museums, and unmatched hospitality, Kenya has become a multicultural culinary destination that rivals the best.

Additionally, Kenya is rich in historical and natural attractions. Surprisingly, many people are unaware that we have a national park located within our city limits.

Expatriates who recently visited our national parks and explored our museums during their leave after the COVID-19 pandemic have been pleasantly surprised.

Destinations like Kisumu, featuring attractions such as the Tom Mboya mausoleum and Rusinga Island, offer a glimpse into Kenya’s rich history. There is still so much of our country to discover, even for us Kenyans.

AHIF and Go Places continue to work together to promote tourism in Kenya, and I am grateful for our partnership of over ten years.

This collaboration allows us to increase visibility and share the wonders of Kenya with the rest of the world.

As an award recipient and advocate for tourism excellence, I firmly believe that Kenya has the potential to become a leading destination in East Africa—a place that investors, travelers, and explorers can invest in, visit, and discover.

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