Good Wins Against Evil As Corrupt Doctors At Nairobi Hospital Are Stopped From Taking Over The Lucrative ICT Project


On Friday 24th May 2024, Dr Frank Mwongera called a lady (we protect her name for security reasons) who is a member of the management tender committee at Nairobi hospital finding out about the progress about the ongoing procurement process of the hospital’s ICT system called hospital management information system (HMIS) and entreprise resource project (ERP) system. He was told that his preferred briefcase company did a shoddy job in the ongoing demostrations to select a company that will supply and instal the ICT sytem. Dr Mwongera was under instructions to make this call by former baord chairman Dr Irungu Ndirangu, who unsuccessfully tried to award his briefcase company the same tender when he was chairman but failed miserably when the Board of directors protested and even voted him out as the chairman. The procurement lady told Dr Mwongera that his prefered company has been eliminated in the preliminary stages becasue it lacked some mandatory requirements.

Today we reveal to you that Dr Mwongera – who has a lot integrity issues through his proffessional life (ask the late Kenneth Matiba’s family what happened to the multiparty fighter in the hands of Dr Mwongera – we will share this story in our next story) in company of 9 other doctors have been holding several meetings to plan how to frustrate the hospital management so that this tender is not awarded. These doctors are as follows – Dr Edwin Rono (a medic with questionable characters who also does not pay taxes to KRA. He says he is a kalenjin who is above the low. We also have his dossier of what he did in Nairobi club with his friend dr Musau), Dr Agnes Gachoki, Dr Luka Musau, Dr Byakika Timothy (a Ugandan who has tax issues with KRA), Dr JD Patel, Dr Samwel Owinga, Dr Patrick Olang, Dr Kevin Arunga and Dr Daudi Otieno. Two of this doctors are our moles who reports to us what this medical doctors with intergrity issues are planing.

Before we tell you what Dr Mwongera and his team of doctors are planning, it is very important you know who exactly he is. For todays part one, we stick with a few of his corrupt tendencys. From our sources in parliament of kenya health committee, Dr Mwongera is one of the corrupt doctors who is under investigation by not just parliament but Etics and anti-corruption commision. According to emplyees of Kenyatta university teaching and referral hospital, Dr Frank Mwongera has been sending fake invoices and he has also been demanding kick backs for every Dialysis Catheter insertions that are placed by Doctors and Consultants in the Renal Unit at Kenyatta university teaching and referral hospital. The corrupt Dr Mwongera has been doing all this with the support of his close family friend Prof Oliver Mugenda who is the Chairman of the Hospital Board of directors. Accusations of improper procurement procedure due to the coercion of the chair Prof Oliver Mugenda who is also facing other accusations of nepotism having hired her son-in-law and posted him to Credit Control department in kenyatta university teaching and referral hospital, are all in the public eye. What is not in the public eye until today is that it is Dr Frank Mwongera who holds all the corrupt briefs for Prof Mugenda in Kenyatta university hospital. Because of his corrupt nature, this is why Dr Irungu Ndirangu has recruited him to lead the team of corrupt doctors to scheme and take over management of the Nairobi hospital to give them room to control the award of the multi-billion ICT tender project. In our next episode, we will tell you what role Dr Mwongera and his friend of many years Dr Luka Musau played when the late Dr Kenneth Matiba was in detention under the Nyayo government. This  two crooks have no idea that they are under 24-hour surveillanse by state agents.

But what is this ICT project that is bringing a lot problems for the best private hospital in eastern Africa? For many years, the Nairobi hospital has always given patients high quality health services making it the best health institution in Kenya and even whole of Africa. So the management of the hospital and the board wants to buy modern technology with regard to medical equipment and supportive infrastructure to improve its operations. Therefore, the implementation of a hospital management information system (HMIS) and entreprise resource project (ERP) system will provide Nairobi hospital with a new way of serving its patients from Kenya and other countries.

One of the doctors working with Dr Mwongera told us that the hospital operations have grown not just in numbers but also in complex and notable investment in the business in recent years is expected to bring more growth. The hospital’s current system called Kranium and Microsoft Navision falls sort in accommodating the needs of the consultant doctors and the hospital at large. This is already affecting the business of the medical doctors and the hospital negatively. He told us that many efforts has been made to address the gaps with little success. This systems are not modern hence they do not align with the hospital’s future plans. These challenges have necessitated the proposal for the replacement of the current systems to make it possible for the hospital to excel more in business but the corrupt doctors led by Mwongera and his greedy friends don’t want this.

But with this good intentions of the ICT project that will benefit the doctors and the hospital to make more money, why is Dr Mwongera and his team of corrupt medics ganging together to frustrate this good intended project? You have the answer  – corruption and greed. Yes it is corruption and greed that was the main discussion when Dr Mwongera and his team met recent to plot and remove the Chairman of Medical Advisors Committee (MAC) Dr Fred Kambuni and his deputy Dr Gladwell Kiarie. Our mole told us that the reason they did this is for them to reduce the number of board directors who support the chairman Dr Chris Bichange and by extention the hospital CEO James Nyamongo. We here that these two have inssited that a proper procurement process following the laid down procurement rules must be followed in the ICT project and all the other projcts in the hospital. In one of Dr Mwongera’s meetings held somewhere in Karen, they resoted to call for a meeting of Admitting Staff Association called ASA among the hospital circles. ASA doctors are the ones who vote in MAC officials so they wanted to vote out Dr Fred Kambuni and Dr Gladwell Kiarie and replace them with two of their corrupt friends to ultimately remove Dr Bichange and CEO James Nyamongo.

So on the 25th April, 2024 an illegal meeting was held by some ASA members despite a clear ruling in writing from the Secretary of ASA that the notice for the meeting was unprocedural and that the required ASA members supporting the meeting was below the required one. Dr Mwongera and his team ignored this advices and the illegal meeting took place but Kenyans, please note the following:

Minutes of these meeting have not been filed with the ASA Secretary. Therefore there is no official record of this meeting exists.

A record of those who attended the meeting is not known but our moles says their were people who are not ASA members who attended because there was no system of vetting those attending to establish if they were members of ASA and paid up KHA members.

There is no evidence that a two-thirds majority threshold was attained as required by the ASA regulations.

No elections were conducted at these meeting.

There was no discussion about the appointment of interim officials.

An image of a purported letter written by one Dr. Luke Musau was posted in the social media. The letter was addressed to the ASA, hospital CEO and copied to the Chairman, Board of Management and the Director – Medical Services and Research. He said a number of things in the letter claiming that ASA special general meeting took place on 25th April, 2024, with the following purpoted outcomes:

A proposal to recall the Medical Advisors committee was passed.

Members present at the illegal meeting agreed that they would retain their current division chairs (even after recalling them).

After long consultations with ASA members, the following were appointed on an interim basis as:


Dr. Edwin Rono as MAC Chairman.

Dr. Agnes Gachoki as MAC Vice Chairman.


Kenyans, up to now please let us observe the following:

  1. Dr. Musau has no power to appoint MAC Chairman and MAC Vice-Chairman under the ASA Regulations. The regulations are as clear as ABC.
  2. Dr. Agnes Gachoki accepted the purported illegal appointment despite being a member of MAC fully aware that MAC Vice Chairman is elected by MAC members. Shealso violated ASA Regulations.

We talked to our mole in Dr Mwongera’s camp asking him how the hospital is governed. He sent us this extruct.

‘Kenya Hospital Association (KHA) – which trades as the Nairobi Hospital – is established as a company limited by guarantee. The KHA Board of Management runs the Hospital. The Admitting Staff Association (ASA) is a creation of KHA. ASA constitutes the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC). MAC is an executive committee of whose role is to provide medical advice to the Board of Management. The Chairman of MAC and two members at large are elected by ASA at an ASA general meeting. Chairs of divisions are elected by their respective chairs. The Vice-chairman of MAC is elected by the members of MAC at the first meeting immediately following as ASA AGM. Chairman of MAC and the Vice-chairman of MAC join the Board of Management as ex-officio members. There is no provision for appointment as a member of MAC. The constitution of the leadership of the Admitting Staff Association (ASA) and MAC is governed by Regulations 8 and 9 of the Regulations for Nairobi Hospital Admitting Staff Association (“the ASA Regulations”). There is no provision for interim officials in the ASA Regulations.’

Sensing a costly aftermath and postmortem from their illegal dealings with a section of ASA members, Dr Mwongera rashed to court to sanitise their purpoted special general meeting. The case was filed by Dr. Luke Musau, Dr. Edwin Rono, Dr. J. D. Patel and Dr. Frank Mwongera. Our sources at Nairobi Milimani High Court Constitutional and Human Rights Division gave us the cases’s reference number as Petition HCCHRPET/E219/2024 – Dr. Luke Musau, Dr. Edwin Rono, Dr. J. D. Patel & Dr. Frank Mwongera v James Nyamongo, The Nairobi Hospital Board of Management & Kenya Hospital Association. It was filed on 26th April, 2024. Dr Mwongera and his team wanted the court to do the following:


Ratify and enforce resolutions of ASA’s SGM of 25th April, 2024.

Injunction against the CEO, the Board and KHA from interfering with the affairs of ASA including a resolution of 25th April, 2024 recalling MAC members.

The CEO and the Board to be compelled to adopt resolutions of ASA of 25th April, 2024 recalling MAC members.

The Board and KHA to be compelled to adopt resolutions of ASA of 25th April, 2024.

General damages for violation of constitutional rights.

After considering the merits and demerits of Dr Mwongera’s petition, the court declined to issue any conservatory orders on an interim basis sending Mwongera and his team into panic mode.


God having stopped this evil and corrupt team of doctors with mountains of intergrity issues, we decided to find out why there is a lot of work being put into removing the current hospital management led by Bichange and Nyamongo. But before we tell you why, please know that it is Dr Irungu Ndirangu, who as chair of the board spearheaded the suspension of the hospital’s procurement policy when he realised that his briefcase company Dynamic Nav had not gone past the mandatory technical requirements. Nyamongo, a no nonsense stickler of policies and procedures, protested but was overulled by Dr Irungu. Have you ever had where a procurement policy is suspended to suit selfish interests? Even in government offices where corruption is very rapant, this does not happen.

So now you have it. Our top source in procurement – which is led by a luo and not from Nyamongo’s ethnic background of Kisii – tells us that the corrupt doctors led by Dr Mwongera know that under Nyamongo, they will not succeed. It is Nyamongo who has formulated governance instruments and practices that the Hospital did not have untill recently, for obvious reasons. How else will you explain a large institution like Nairobi hospital lacking proper policies in place? The reason is corruption. Our source tells us that Nyamongo’s problems started when he insisted that the Board passes the Human Resources Policy; Procedures Manual, Financial Management Policies, Credit Policy, Procurement/Supply Chain Policy, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy, and Business Continuity Policy. Despite the fact that these policies are already helping Nairobi hospital to do things professionaly, we eagerly wait to see how the procurement of the ICT project will go. Will Dr Mwongera and Dr Irungu succeed in suspending the procurement policy again? We will report as and when it happens. 


And by the way what Dr Mwongela and his corrupt friends will not tell you is that –  from our investigations – under nyamongo’s leadership, he has dismanteld cartels of powerful doctors who thought that their word was law in nairobi Hospital. We will name these doctors in our next story. They are so envious and jealousy that nyamongo has achieved things that so many medical doctors never achieved as CEOs and this are facts. Dr Mwongera will not tell you that the nairobi Hospital is now financially stable after nyamongo got it out of a financal ditch 3 years ago. Bed occupancy is over 80% on average. In fact around March this year, it was 100% something that is unhad of and BY THE WAY, DID YOU KNOW THAT THE NAIROBI HOSPITAL HAS WON TWO GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARDS UNDER NYAMONGO: This awards are the International Hospital Awards for the hospital’s free cancer treatment for thousands of patients in Kenya and beyond East Africa. It was won in Portugal in october 2023. the other awards is the International Quality leadership award won in brussels Belguim in 2024. Is this a hospital that is collapsing? Dr Mwongera and your evil frieds, God is watching you.


As we wait to see Dr Mwongera and his team of doctors next move having been stopped by the management tender committee comprising of young Kenyans with high moral standards (may God bless and protect all those nairobi hospital professionals in the management tender commttee who have been sitting every day in the last 2 weeks to ensure that the Hospital gets value for it’s money in the ICT tender. You are the heroes of our patients), it is good we all know what the Hippocratic oath says about how medical doctors should conduct themselves. For those who don’t; know, all physicians swear by this oath to act as a Bible for all their professional conduct. It says as follows: ‘I shall work with my profession to improve the quality of medical care and to improve the public health, but I shall not let any lesser public or professional consideration interfere with my primary commitment to provide the best and most appropriate care available to each of my patients.’ Dr Mwongera and your friends, tafakari hayo.

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