Internal Strife Under Malala Leaves UDA Employees in Financial Distress


The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) is grappling with severe internal conflicts and power struggles that threaten to tear the party apart, reminiscent of the troubles that led to the downfall of the Jubilee Party.

Central to these disputes is the party’s Secretary General, Cleophas Malala, whose controversial actions have isolated him and sparked internal discord.

Malala’s ill-fated decision to issue warnings to prominent Cabinet Secretaries and politicians aligned with President William Ruto and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has backfired spectacularly. Instead of consolidating his authority, Malala’s actions have intensified divisions and animosity within the party.

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Adding to the turmoil are allegations of financial misconduct against Malala. Top party officials accuse him of abusing his power as one of the mandatory signatories on the party’s bank account. Sources within UDA claim he has deliberately delayed salary payments for weeks to control and intimidate staff, causing significant hardship and pushing many employees into debt despite their dedication.

There was an agreement for staff salaries to be processed via a standing order from the bank, requiring Malala’s authorization. However, insiders allege he engaged in unnecessary delays and sideshows, fostering an atmosphere of frustration and fear. Complaints have mounted, with staff alleging that Malala signs checks for salaries and per diems based on his whims, exacerbating their financial instability.

Malala’s handling of these internal disputes has not only alienated party staff but also drawn sharp criticism from key UDA figures. Mutahi Kahiga, Oscar Sudi, and Gathoni Wamuchomba have openly questioned Malala’s suitability for his role, labeling him as overreaching and incompetent.

Kahiga publicly described Malala as “a square peg in a round hole” and called for his removal in the next UDA elections. Sudi referred to Malala as “an elevated MCA trying to be our Raphael Tuju,” while Wamuchomba called him a “political loser and UDA intruder” who lacks understanding of the party’s campaign promises.

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The current turmoil within UDA mirrors the infighting that led to the Jubilee Party’s downfall. Jubilee’s internal wars necessitated seeking opposition support to pass crucial legislation, and UDA might find itself in a similar predicament if factionalism persists.

The ongoing conflicts within UDA highlight the complexities of managing party dynamics amidst power struggles. Malala’s confrontational approach risks deepening the rifts within the party, potentially leading to its fragmentation.

To avoid the fate of Jubilee, UDA must address these internal issues swiftly and decisively, ensuring that leadership disputes do not overshadow the party’s mission.

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