Kenya Ports Authority Says Kigali Office Catalyst for Regional Development


Kenya Ports Authority [KPA] Managing Director Capt William Ruto said he is very much conversant with issues that are critical during business engagements at the port of Mombasa.

He further said the critical issues include the challenges they are facing as an industry since they had opened the Kigali office.

“While still at the introduction, I have just realized that I have been accompanying such delegations previously,” he  added.

Capt Ruto pointed out this time round he is leading the team for the first time since being elevated as the state corporation’s new MD.

He made the remarks during the 10th anniversary celebrations since the establishment of the authority’s liaison office held at Marriot Hotel in Kigali, Rwanda.

The KPA MD reiterated that the state corporation is aware of the challenges it is facing as an industry since opening the Kigali office.

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Capt Ruto told the forum that he is one of those who has been travelling on  port matters for over two decades.

He said he is always open to constructive views for mutual benefit and appreciated that business arrangements such as this can afford them the opportunity to interact widely.

Billateral Ties

The KPA boss said to a large extent they conclusively arrive at binding business decisions.

Kenya Ports Authority [KPA] board chairman  Benjamin Tayari making his remarks during the 10th anniversary celebrations since the establishment of the authority’s liaison office held at Marriot Hotel in Kigali, Rwanda. 

Capt Ruto said over  the past ten years, KPA has played a pivotal role in facilitating trade and fostering economic growth between Kenya and Rwanda.

He said their presence in Kigali has not only served as a gateway for goods coming into and leaving Rwanda but has also acted as a catalyst for the development of a robust logistics network in the region.

“Through our strategic location and modern facilities, we have been able to provide reliable services, contributing to the movement of goods and enhancing the competitiveness of business in both countries,” he  pointed out.

In his welcome remarks, KPA Board Chairman Benjamin Tayari apologized to those at the anniversary celebration that during outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic they were unable to interact with them as effectively as would have been.

He added that this was due to lockdowns but argued not withstanding a few of  them had recently visited some of them  on different occasions to discuss pertinent business matters.

“Nonetheless, it is a great privilege for the state corporation to share this forum that underscores our cherished belief in keeping close to stakeholders,” he pointed out.

Global Trade

The KPA Board Chairman reminded the forum they have taken the engagement with stakeholders seriously because they  know the role ports play in global trade facilitation and economic development.

Tayari disclosed that over 80 percent of global trade is by sea adding that history has proven that cities and regions are directly connected to ports experience notable and fast economic advancement.

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